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Social Science-knowledge and society Assignment

High level of knowledge available to the contemporary society presently as opposed to 50 years earlier has raised the availability and considerations of choices and opportunities to them. Over the years, knowledge development has assimilated an upward trend that seeks to better the human capacity to effectively address various problems affecting the society. However, issues in the contemporary society are equally complex demanding cohesive modernistic focus in countering them and their effects.

Indeed, incremental expertise development has continuously provided effective alternatives aligned to the modern changing contemporary society ideals on consumerism patterns. It is from this consideration that this paper strongly views that the society has changed a great deal in the last fifty years in terms of knowledge availability and acquisition which improves the people’s choices as well as opportunities both locally and internationally. Greater knowledge in environmental demands and risks

Notably, knowledge about environment and its implications on human existence has possibly been one of the most developed systems in the contemporary society today. After the onset of the industrial revolution, it was a view of the industrialists that the resources they drew from the environment were infinite. Notably, the process of industrialization was assimilated with great essence which was aimed at reducing the human suffering in the society.

Besides, it was also believed to have equal infinite capacity to assimilate different wastes from them . However, later research has revealed that the natural environment had a very finite quantity of resources and its assimilation status greatly reduced by the quantity, quality, and rate of waste loads it was laden with. Through this information availability, it has been possible to establish better systems of enhancing resources maximization from them via advanced technologies.

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Environmentalism and the need for greening the environment has come out as a demand as opposed to being a choice for the global societies with emphasis for effective management to guarantee clean and healthy environment . During the United Nations Convention on Environment and Development of 1992 in Rio de Janeiro, it came out clearly that excessive emissions into the atmosphere led to global warming and wastes greatly polluted the natural ecosystems. Besides, later analysis and evaluations into the environmental issues has provides information for better prediction of the natural systems disasters and how they can be avoided.

From the increasing knowledge of the natural environment and disaster management aspects such as insurance, effective timing in agriculture, business location, business operations has turned out to be easier to establish and operate profitably . Besides, it has provided avenues for research of the problems, development of alternatives, and innovation of new technology for higher and more efficient alternatives. However, analysts have differed over resources resilience with one school of thought claiming that the former has a plot to deter growth and development for the upcoming economies.

Technology and advancement in information acquisition Technology and information which anchors are highly dynamic and dictated by the push factors of the societal demand for change in quest for better systems or the underlying problems. Indeed, all aspects of human life have undergone major changes technologically that provides a plethora of information to the society. In medicine, most of the global communities employed traditionally oriented systems of diagnosis and treatment of different ailments.

It would be wrong to discredit them compared to the present day status of the medical consideration; however, they operated at a very low status that made lifestyle to assume a very precarious notion . Presently, the capacity to use modernistic tools of research and articulate non-biased results through effective experimental extrapolations has aided in establishing and establishing better systems for effecting human health. Many diseases like tuberculosis, plague, and cancer among others were viewed as direct notion of death bed over past one century.

However, knowledge on their treatment has improved the ability of the people to live much longer and productive lifestyles. To add to that, more women have been allowed access to greater levels of information and professions presently than in history. In the field of medicine, just like other disciplines, it was only men who could proceed with education in most of the societies globally . This not only limited their access to information, but strongly restricted their choices of logical life applications considerations.

However, education and progress in the society is currently not gender limiting and all the people can access the relevant knowledge and apply it with ease. To add to that, this information has become globally available through electronic sources for all, a notion that has made personal inquiries and decisions making very easy. The level of error in most of the aspects has greatly reduced and chances of making the correct decisions highly boosted in different areas. Understanding of society and inherent coexistence

Over the years, the societal constitution and outlook has greatly assumed a norm deviation from the historical point of view. Due to limited knowledge derivation, access, and application, most of the occurrences that took place at the onset of the 20th century and earlier periods depicted individualistic considerations by states and leaders which were very dangerous for others in different states. Indeed, knowledge was based on Marxist views and led to invasions, colonialism, and major wars globally. Race and ethnicity constituted the determinant factors in the action to be assimilated by leaders.

Though the scars of imperialism still exist, the comprehension of identity by the societies and leadership has led to global revolution in leadership and peace. After the understanding of war impacts by the countries in Europe through assessment of the losses they had made, European Community and later European Union ware borne . The knowledge on how the society perceives itself and how it expects others to perceive it in relation to the necessary development has called for equality between genders, regional cooperation, and common focus with single identity.

All the members of the European Union are bound together by its common identity. Through this understanding, the cooperation between the nations in EU countries has opened major opportunities to the member states and individuals involved too. To begin with, the member states are able to transact their businesses in all the member states without or with minimal but harmonized restrictions. Besides operating as a block in solving major problems affecting the member states, great opportunities were opened for the citizens to freely move and work in any country.

This has been a major impetus for the last decade massive growth in Europe. Power and social structures in the society Power acquisition, structure, and authority application in the society has similarly adopted a paradigm shift where traditional views that were applied in the past were strongly limiting and inapplicable in the modern age. Though power as suggested by the power theories was aimed at improving the society’s harmony, it limited information access and free application by all in different social classes.

To effect its ideologies, coercion and manipulation was applied as opposed to the modern highly liberal systems . Similarly, social classes were operationalized where low class communities and females were less regarded and depended on the mercy of the ruling elite and the rich. However, through democracy, it has come to be understood that power is not bestowed in one individual or community but can be exercised by any rational being to encourage development.

In Britain, Margaret Thatcher effectively served as a prime minister while more positions were represented by women in the country. Most of the current power application globally is held through merits and democratic orientation which promotes growth and development for different countries. It is however important to note that hierarchical structures becomes ineffective when abused by the leaders. However, theorist like Barnes suggested the currently widely applied system of devolving powers through use of delegates at different levels of operations .

Of greater notion is the emphasis that the current systems as opposed to the historic ones articulate and value information acquisition and application in the society. Social classes are no longer barriers and views are aired effectively to address all the aspects affecting the people. In Switzerland, people’s knowledge and demands are effectively harmonized through open democracy. They not only rely on the government to supply them with the opportunities, but actively participate in creating and shaping them.

This has been credited for the present suitable atmosphere that attracts major international organizations in the country. Counterarguments Though availability of information by the global communities has increased globally as compared to the olden times, availing information to the communities may serve as a major stabling block to progress and opportunities realization. Through research into various aspects of science and technology, harmful aspects like weapons of mass destruction have proliferated globally and served as a major threat to human existence.

It was this indiscriminate knowledge availability that saw the last bombing of the World Trade Center in New York be effectively operationalized. This serves to reduce the available opportunities for the society. In addition, the access of the information through the different systems is extremely dangerous to the young generation. Most of them are negatively influenced by the internet and lured into drug abuse, harmful sexual behaviors and general resistance which endangers the future generations.

Similarly, this information has seen establishment of uncertain products whose impacts are highly negative in the society like genetically modified products. Though the debate is far from over, it is notable that GMO may have long lasting negative effects to the people in the society. It is from this notion that analysts are not opposed to the current knowledge progress, but calls for careful application of the same consideration with strict analysis of the expected impacts for every innovation. Conclusion

Due to the widening basement of knowledge availability, societies have totally changed from traditional systems to the modern considerations that invoke harmony and intrinsic progress. Arguably all aspects of the society progress and harmony to serve the people are determined by effective research and ability to communicate the same information to the people. To add to that, development at all levels of the society as indicated in the paper is entirely dependent on information availability coupled with the correct supportive structures both economically and politically.

It is through this niche realization that people have appreciated the need for knowledge to develop that this conclusion supports the thesis statement that “Knowledge is more available in contemporary society than it was fifty years ago, increasing choice and opportunities”. It is important however to address the concerns by the analysts that the availability of power be subjected to effective scrutiny to ensure its efficiency during application. However, the scrutiny should not be inhibitive in nature, but directed at effecting its applicability in the society.

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