Social Inequalities - Assignment Example

A democratic government is a political machinery that is created by the people. The society is created by various groups of people that have freedom of choice as well as their own interest that must be taken into consideration. Due to the different and often times conflicting interests of the people, an organization such as the government is created. The government is the one responsible in assuring that the general good of the public is upheld and the rights of the people are protected.

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Democratic government greatly exemplified this because the people are the one who elect the officials in the government. Being the case, they are the representatives of the people (U. S. Department of State). However, there are instances that not all members of the society are properly represented. This kind of under representation impedes the ideals of democracy to materialize. This is due to the fact that if only the elite class in the society is embodied then the government will only decide and act for their interests.

This defeats the very purpose of democracy, which the representation of all the people in society. In order for democracy to ensued in countries like the United States, under represented classes should learn to take part in the political process. As history has shown, the elite class who mostly rule the government is not grounded on popular will since they only composed only the minority of the citizens but they has the characteristics of unity and organization.

In the same manner, the lower and working classes should work together in establishing organizations that would embody their interest. They should not be apathetic and actively participate in important decision-making process. In relation to these, Amos Hawley once said, “Every act is an exercise of power, every relationship is a power equation. ” This statement means that power is one of the basic processes of social life and thus, it holds a very essential part in the study of sociology.

One of the most applicable sociological theories for the concept of power is Karl Marx and Max Weber’s Conflict Theory (Islam, 2008). This emphasizes that an individual and group’s role in exercising power over other people creates social order. As such, it is also those that can influence others, which are greatly responsible for the inequalities in societies. They exercise their power towards their advantage in order to sustain and advance their interests.