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My soap is about a club in Bristol Assignment

My soap is about a club in Bristol and it’s based on people who work at this office and at the end of the day they go home and face there problems. To get away from it all they go to this club. At Night this pub has it all female strippers, male strippers, people from different races, but what links them together are the problems they have Such as, money, drugs, death, divorce and such forth. The main characters you need to know about are:

Jack: He is everyone’s friend and favourite he hasn’t got too many problems and his problems are tiny compared to other people because he is rich, but he isn’t selfish rich if any of his friends needs money and quick you can be shore he will lend you it. The only person he hates is Adrian because of what he did to Janet.

Adrian: He is good looking, he’s got money but he is a bit of a villain. He owns a Club everyone goes to. His problem is he is a drug dealer and his club is getting the drugs from a supplier in Cuba and then he is selling it to teenagers with a lot of money. He is the person that has a tendency to mess up peoples lives. He is quite hated from people who know him.

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Janet: Janet was going to university she was one of the smartest people in school then she met Adrian and he took her away from her parents her university opportunities and everything she had. After that he started giving her drugs then she felt scared and ashamed and thought she couldn’t go back home so she started stripping for money.

Supplier: Adrian do not mess with me the load is coming in two days you better have my money.

Adrian: Chill I got your money don’t worry it’s just the police up here is tight how you are going to get it up here.

Supplier: One of my men is (pause) let’s say he had an early funeral. your going to be his relative and I’m going to ship him up to you in a coffin the drugs are going to be in the bottom of the coffin hidden. All 2 million dollars worth.

Adrian: Good I’ll be waiting for it in 2 days anyway I got to go some idiot thinks he can die in my club.

Adrian goes downstairs to the man that’s on the floor in fit dieing of a drug overdose.

Adrian: Get this man out of here he is scaring the customers.

Bodyguard1: Yes Sir

Bodyguards pick up dieing man and throw him round the back.

Janet: Who was that.

Adrian: Some man.

Janet: Where did your thugs take him.

Adrian: Don’t worry they took him to the hospital.

Janet: Anyway can I go home.

Adrian: Why?

Janet: I have a fever and there something else.

Adrian: What?

Janet: I’m pregnant.

Adrian: This is great I can’t believe it.

Janet: No it isn’t it might not be yours.

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