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Smore Cpt Presentation: Appearance vs. Reality Essay

Section 1: Quotations- from-Text

Conceal me what I am, and be my aidFor such disguise as haply shall become The form of my intent. (Shakespeare I.ii.51-53)

Help me conceal my identity, and find me the right disguise so I can look the way I want.

This quote clearly depeicts the theme of appearance vs reality because this is the scene when she steps right off the boat and is put in her disguise by the sea captain. She is all alone in a strange city and this trickery disguse serves her well and it is what will help her live in the strange, unkown town that is Illyria. With out her woman like fram exposed, she is able to speak free minded, and roam the streets in search of a job and her disguse works for her as she is avle to et a job in count orsinos castle as one as his servants. Althouh viola had gotten the job, she had not realized how hard it was going to be working for orison and delivering his messages. As she begins to fall inlove with her master, she wises that she can tell him who she really is and what she really feels but reality settles nad she realizes that it would not be in her best intrest to do that as shes been known as a man for so long
Throught the play, appearance vs reality is portrayed many times, secially in this scene. Malvolio is mislead at one point in the play by olivia, sir toby, sir Andrew.

Section 2: Text to Images

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This image show a man with a mohwak giving a little girl a flower.
Since we know the boy is older and her has a mohawk we suspect that he is a bad guy and he wants to harm the lttle girl just because of his appearance

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