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Slumdog Millionaire Essay

The production of reality television has affected both the nature of local television networks as well as that of the major production of movies around the world. One particular matter that is obviously seen in the movie Slumdog Millionaire is the fact that life’s reality is now effectively directed and presented through films that have direct effect on the general perspective of human individuals on the lives of those people who are directly affected by the adverse effects of globalization and international commercial progress. India is considered to be one of the most populated as well as one of the poorest countries around the world.

The move Slumdog Millionaire shows an effective mirror as to how people in that land develop a strong dependence on their dreams for better lives that awaits them in the future. Truthfully, this fact gives a great impact on how the main character, ever since he was a child showed a very serious character as to how and as to why he stood for what he believed and how he never forego of what he dreams of. More than just the girl of his dreams, he had his whole life ahead of him which he wanted to change. An effective presentation on how perseverance actually brings the best out of live is the focus of the theme of the movie.

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Truthfully, this fact brings in the most possible procedures available in modern cinematography to work for the story that is aimed to be presented through the movie. Perhaps it is the reality and the level of truth that the movie presents that made it a film from Bollywood that captured the attention of not only Hollywood viewers but also that of the whole world. Yes, with the realization of the truth behind the real life situations that people deal with in India and in other third world countries, Slumdog Millionaire shows how people try to strive towards a better life that they know awaits them ahead.

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