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Sleeping in the box, thinking outside the box Essay

In the article, Hattery reveals the practice of social stratification and inequality in college campuses. She is much driven to make lessons of social class inequality more real. As a result, she came up with a model to teach students on the impact of social class inequality on American families. The teaching shows that the experiences of the majority are treated as normative while those of the minorities are regarded as trivial. In order to understand the practices of persons, one needs to check on the ways in which they experience structured inequality and structured privilege.

Stratification may be based on gender, race, religion and sexual orientation. Hattery says that all students need to be confident in theory of social stratification and inequality through projects that will give them a real experience with these issues. In learning institution, there is always diversity between the white and the black students (Hattery, 417). However, through reflective writing, exams and class discussions the students will be able to analyze and interpret the situations and experiences they have come across as a result of social stratification.

The author encourages the establishment of social stratification project in campus to support the students in understanding social stratification and address the nexus of race, class and gender. The division does not only occur in classroom but also in the communities where the rich separate themselves from the poor. While carrying out the project a big challenge is faced as students are denied accessing data on race and gender on facilities employees.

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However, by the end of the project the students will be able to investigate professional outcome of racism and sexism within their community (Hattery, 423). Therefore, while addressing the issue of pluralism and diversity in an undergraduate classroom, the lecturer must engage the students in readings and discussions that asserts the standpoint of minority students and also develop critical thinking among the students which they will apply even outside classroom.

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