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Silent films allow the audience greater creativity and imagination Essay

Some have argued that eloquence, style and storyline is unapparent in silent films, proclaiming that it is the mere diction that enhances the plot of a story and appeals to the audience. However silent films, in fact, engage audience members more through the usage of their visual senses, as their creativity of the plot is untrammelled by dialogue and discourse. The silence of the actors can actually enliven the audience’s minds more than the conventional films, which can be conveyed through several ideas.

The fundamental idea is the thought that sheer minimalism enables the audience to explore the storyline and the characters deeper, as the dialogues / monologues imprint defined attributes and boundaries to the certain story aspect, be it characters, locations, or even the entire storyline. The audience begins to establish and incorporate their own ideas into the onscreen template, according to their own views and schemas. This allows audiences to relate more and become more engaged in the film, triggering their imagination to compensate for the speech.

On the other hand, in conventional films, the dialogue is often far too domineering of the plot and can actually limit the intellect of the audience. As the audience’s mind is more occupied with the fact that they must adjoin their own thoughts and views onto the plotline, it paves a route for each audience member’s individual senses of style to the movie. Because people all have different views, they will all envision a slightly different story because of the lack of dialogue to confine it.

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This allows individuals to interact more with their imagination and create a more personalised edge to the silent film. All people generally perceive the overall film similarly however these tailored editions ensure a more significant usage of creativity. Today’s film are only supposed to be communicated through the directors thought of mind, primarily through their style of script and speech, however as the only expression occurs through the acting itself, the audiences mind’s must become more engaged.

The lack of this medium through which storylines and ideas are usually expressed , other aspects are emphasised more upon to impart a message. As most silent films contained little or no text, the acting as well as the props and backdrops played large roles in conveying the plot. The prominence stressed upon the actions and reactions of the characters was much significant towards the film, which forced the audience to absorb more information of the plot. The storyline could not be orally presented to the viewers, they were to appreciate and thus create the characters and their essences.

Most silent films were of some comical basis, thus the usage of exaggeration became a useful utility in conveying messages, which could only be absorbed properly through understanding and imagination. Props would be strategically placed to trigger the correct images and thoughts, as dialogue wouldn’t express these ideas to the audience. Because of this, the mind would delve deeper into the idea and understanding. The audience’s appreciation for the acting and setting is upon a more thought-induced plane, allowing greater creativity of the story as a whole.

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