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Should There be War in Iraq Assignment

Since the beginning the War in Iraq has been a questionable issue, but the right decision. Saddam Hussein was a force not to be ignored; he posed a danger to the entire world. For good reason, there existed a strong belief that Hussein possessed or was attempting to posses weapons of mass destruction (WMD). He fortified this conviction with his complete disregard for U. N authority; and associating with terrorists made him a valid adversary in the war on terror. Hussein was a dishonorable tyrant undeserving of his control.

In the end nobody else was willing to take successful measures, so the United States rightfully took it upon itself to solve a possible catastrophe. Hussein had continually ignored the U. N and its decisions. He had been warned many times to allow an inspection for weapons, but twelve years and seventeen U. N Resolutions later no action had been allowed. The latest U. N Resolution on November 8, 2002, passed unanimously, required a full disarmament but Hussein still evaded and refused the requirements.

Time and time again Hussein barred entrance to suspect sites, delayed inspections, and eventually threw all U. N. inspectors out of Iraq. A prolonged effort of the U. N. had come to a failure. Possession and attempts for possession of WMD are always a great concern to be had. Iraq has possessed WMD before, both biological and chemical, violating a cease-fire treaty signed when Iraq lost the 1991 Persian Gulf War. In 2004 a 1,500 page report has been released by Charles A. Duelfer, the CIA’s top adviser on Iraqi weapons. It states proof of Hussein importing banned materials, and also declares Iraqi plans of reviving WMD programs and maintaining a dual-use industrial sector that could produce illegal weapons.

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There are other countries, like North Korea, that may also have ownership of WMD, but Iraq was chosen as a primary target because it had exposed itself as more of a current threat that needed to be sorted out immediately. North Korea is not considered an immediate threat due to the fact it has not been involved in directly aggressive actions for about fifty years, compared to Iraq’s hostile incidents within the last decade. Hussein had proven himself to be an unjust and untrustworthy ruthless tyrant; in many cases torturing and killing his own people. The Guardian newspaper published an nterview of eight Iraqi defectors in Dec. of 2003.

They gave detailed accounts of such abuses as rape, torturing of children in front of their parents, electric shock, mutilation of body parts, burning with acid, and starvation. In some cases Hussein even used the repulsive war tactic of human shields. His aggression against neighboring countries of Iran and Kuwait had lead to the death of over 1. 5 million muslims. Other abhorrent actions include the gassing of thousands of Kurds of northern Iraq in 1988, which is more evidence of possessing banned chemical weapons.

Other totalitarian nations might have shown need for concern, but over and over Iraq has shown reasons for the necessity of an intervention. Some claim the war will create new fanatics, but they don’t see that a major terrorist has already been removed from his seat of power. Hussein is charged of having a history of consulting and dealing with dangerous terrorists, the very ones that pose such a threat of a reoccurring 9/11.

Documents found in Iraq’s intelligence service headquarters in April, 2002; show that an Al-Qaeda envoy was invited to Baghdad in 1998 for the urpose of establishing an alliance between Hussein and Bin Laden based on their mutual hatred for the United States and Israel. The documents also reveal that an Al-Qaeda envoy had previously traveled to Iraq in late 1997 from Bin Laden’s former base in Sudan. Hussein had revealed himself as a terrorist supporter. He had been tied to a foiled assassination attempt in Kuwait on the first President Bush, and publicly supplies $25,000 payments to the families of any Palestinian suicide bomber.

Who is to say he has hanged his ways? He has pushed his unethical practices since the first taking of his leadership rank to the day he was found hiding in a hole. Iraqi intervention was shown to be the necessary step. Iraq had bared itself as a great risk; and despite many efforts, the UN had failed following through on demands to resolve the situation. Such occurrences can, and many times will affect all countries including the United States. A great clichi?? to sum it all up would be “If you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself”.

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