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Should The United Nations Survive Essay

The United Nations (UN) was formed with the intention of ensuring international cooperation, improving the security, enabling economic development, securing human rights and promoting world peace. It provided a stage for dialogue and interaction between various nations of the world, following the events of the World War 2. In the past, the UN has played a very important role with regards to world peace and in the future the UN has an even more important role considering the emerging problems the world has experienced recently. The UN needs to be the Central organization for any issue regarding world affairs.

The UN would represent the voice of the member nations and hence nations should effectively unite under the UN to establish dialogue and interaction. In the war against terrorism, the UN should ensure that the member nations are united under its umbrella and is the speaking voice for all the member nations. To ensure greater amount of success and effectiveness in accomplishing its goals, the UN should play a proactive role, and should ensure that any issue involving world peace security, the member nations escalate to the UN rather than making decisions by themselves (Jean De Ruyt, [email protected]).

It has been seen that the US has tried to establish itself as a superpower of the world, often having different objectives from that of the UN. This could be seen following the events in Iraq and Afghanistan. However, another superpower in the world, the European Union (EU), has tried to work under the UN and is considering the UN as an international organization that would effectively help to address any world affairs issue. The EU wanted several international issues including the recent issues in Afghanistan and Iraq to be sorted out by the UN.

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The EU is speaking in one voice (of its member nations) and is working with the UN. Due to this, there would be no reason for the US to work outside the UN. The US should not drop out of the UN, but instead should work along with the UN, in a similar way as the EU. Although the objectives of the US may be different from that of the UN, a common consensus should always be reached for common objectives that would be beneficial for both the parties. The UN should not go out of the way to meet with the individual objectives of the US (Jean De Ruyt, [email protected]).

Although the UN is a good way of bringing about world peace and unity, there are other ways that need to be utilized. These include sports, religion, spiritualism, music, entertainment, culture, etc. Many international leaders also dreamt of having a one government for the entire world, which would help improve development, peace and unity. The UN as an international organization should make greater efforts in using various methods of promoting world peace and unity (TA Ramesh, Boloji). The UN can play a very important role with respect to developing global anti-terrorism initiatives.

The UN has recently launched the UN Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy with the objective of working towards overcoming and preventing terrorism, building state security and ensuring greater enforcement and protection of human rights. The UN needs to make strong decisions with relation to its anti-terrorist role. All the nations of the world also need to stand united under the UN (Statement by the General Assembly President, UN). The UN has made strong efforts in Iraq in the past and should continue doing so in the future, until a steady government is established which can help to meet the needs of the people.

So far the UN helped to organize elections in Iraq in 2005, framing a Constitution for Iraq, promoting human rights in the country and providing humanitarian aid to the needy people. In the future, the UN has even a stronger role in curbing the lawlessness that may be existent in the country. Several nations including the US may have individual interests in Iraq which may not be well-justified. Greater role of the UN would ensure that justice and integrity is established in the country (Lynn Pascoe, From tragedy to hope for U. N. in Iraq).

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