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Should the military require you to have a college degree Essay

Michael Smith is well known for his combatant skills and a well respected commander of his unit. One day he was called to the highest office of the military in America, only to be informed that he was leaving for the volatile region of Somalia in Africa. His duty was to train the Somali government soldiers who were having a hard time dealing with the Al Shabaab Militia. He was worried of how he would go about training people who might have never been to school. In Somalia, he met a young man among the Somali soldiers called Yusuf. This young man alleviated Mr.

Smith’s fears for he was one of the best soldiers he has ever trained in spite of him having a high school certificate which he had gotten earlier from Kenya as a refugee. Yusuf was always at his best when it came to training and Mr. Smith sometimes used to stare at him surprised at his skills though he was not a graduate. This is why a college degree should not be a requirement for one to join the military. In the modern times, college degrees have lost their former value, as so many have graduated, and employers are looking for Masters and PHD degree holders, forcing many people to further their studies.

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It has reached a point where those who have college degrees do not see their relevance anymore. With that in mind, how then can a degree be relevant to the military where what matters most is the physical fitness of a person? Military training is mainly made up of physical workout. One is supposed to wake up very early in the morning and within very few minutes assemble for inspection. This is followed by strenuous training, and for one to succeed in it will only depend on one’s physical fitness. During this period, what one has in the brain does not count.

I am trying to imagine how one can apply all the theories he has learnt in college to the training and I see there is no connection between the two. There are some things which the military emphasizes on so much, for example, the issue of discipline. The military persons are supposed to be disciplined always, follow orders from their seniors, always be clean and their beds should be made in such a way that all are uniform. To be frank, I do not need a college degree to know all these. I only need to be told what is required of me in the military training and that will be enough.

Hence the training is the most important thing for one to be in the military. By saying all this does not mean that the military should be made up of illiterate people. In fact, I support the online courses that military men are undertaking because it is important, though they should not be forced to do them. If one wants to have a college degree, it should be left at his discretion but it should not be made a compulsory thing such that, one cannot join the military unless he or she has a degree.

So far, the USA has had the best military personnel though many of them do not have college degrees and thus, they have proven that military skills and knowledge are the most important things. Taking the scenario of war, when one is faced with a life threatening situation, for example, coming face to face with one’s enemy in the war, is it the speed and physical fitness that will save that person or the degree that he has left at home? His swiftness in thinking and physical reaction would save his life.

This goes further to show that, degrees do not count in the military. One can have all the degrees that he has ever wanted but when it comes to the military, a person’s well being matters most. In conclusion, life should not be made hard for those who want to join the military by requiring them to have degrees. There are young people in our country who may not be good at school but they can make very good military men and women, and thus doors to join the military should not be closed on their faces by requiring them to have degrees, prior to their joining the military.

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