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Should English become the World’s Language Essay

English is a widely spoken langusge which tracks its origins from the Isles of England and is considered the primary language of most countries such as the United States, Australia, Canada, Nuew Zealand, Ireland, United Kingdom, Asia, Africa (Schitz). English is also credited as the official second language of several countries across the globe. In this regard it is reasonable to analyze the reason behind the language’s influence in every form of verbal and written communication in the world.

The question arises, why english, and not French or Chinese, should be the world’s language? One good answer to such question is because english is the most popular language in the world. The modern world counts more than 1 billion people are noted to be speaking in english (Crystal, 6), the spread of such language can initially be attributed to the expansion of the British Empire from the middle ages to the middle of 18th century (Schitz). In North America alone, more than half of the population are english speakers (Crystal, 31-36).

Several other continents such as Australia, South America, Africa and Asia use english as a medium of communication either as a primary, secondary or foreign language (Crystal, 29-59). In any case, much of the question about english as the world’s language cannot be only attributed to number of speakers, but to power as well, since language progression comes with power (Crystal. 7). David Crystal explains that language itself is dependent, in a sense that language only exists in the human senses of those who speak it, when such people of a particular language succeed, their language comes with them (7).

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The english language contributes to success in various fields such as culture, business and economy aid the english language in globalization through overseas employment, tourism, international security and information dissemination (Crystal, 100). Overseas employment requires a universal language since there are applicants and employers who do not understand the native language of one another. Similar principles can be applied in the art of music, a song cannot grasp international success and recognition if the lyrics cannot be understood (Crystal, 104).

Technology is a considerable factor on why should english be considered the world’s language because computers and the world wide web are already the trend in most aspects. This is supported by the fact that english is used in most computer and internet applications (Graddol, 4). In addition most transactions today are processed in computers not to mention that the internet can be used as a means of education. and resource for information (Graddol, 4). Technology in terms of communication is another vital factor on the call for english globalization (Crystal, 86), since english can serve as the universal medium to share cultures.

English can also serve as the universal informant of international affairs and other international issues. English should be the world language simply because it has become popular over the centuries. The rise and fall of the British empire, the drastic changes in culture, economy, bussiness, technology and communication contribute to putting the english language in the pedestal of universality. The given points in the essay answers the question should english be become the world’s language, and justifies the answers to the said questions as well. In this sense, english can be the only medium that can unite a diverse world.

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