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Should abortion be legal or not Essay

Ancient texts reveal that abortion was already practiced as early as prehistory times. There were no rules regarding abortion, then. Abortion refers to the termination of pregnancy leading to the death of the fetus. Only in the nineteenth century that laws against abortion were formulated. In 1973, the Constitution of the United States made abortion legal through the Roe v. Wade decision. It indicated that a woman’s decision regarding the continuance or the termination of her pregnancy during the first trimester will be respected by the constitution.

Abortion will be done with restriction aiming to preserve the life and health of the mother. By the time legalization of abortion was passed, pro-life supporters took their stand in courts and, later, in the streets. Considering the benefits abortion can provide to the women and the state, it should undoubtedly be legalized. Legalization of abortion with restrictions will support the right of an individual as stated in Fourteenth Amendment in the U. S. Constitution and will likely alleviate the social and economic problems of the society.

Several groups of people oppose abortion due to ethical considerations. Many religious groups say that abortion is one of the rampant and deeply-rooted ills at present. They consider that life begins at conception and that it is immoral to kill any human being. The Constitution, on the other hand, believes that the fetus is not included in the term ‘person’ written in the Fourteenth Amendment. The Amendment only provides protection to the right of the pregnant woman and not of the unborn. Benefit to Women Women undergo abortion as a result of health-related or personal issues.

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Their reasons range from maternal and/or fetal health risk and inability to raise children to unwanted pregnancies and hindrance to careers. One thing that reassures women in having an abortion is the practice of much safer clinical procedures brought about by better health care services and technological advancements in the field of medicine. Early practices of abortion were very expensive and unsafe. There are cases where women die due to infections and massive abdominal bleeding. At present, the field of medicine provides various safe alternative procedures for women. Benefit to Children

While abortion benefits mothers, some say that it also benefit the unborn child. Unwanted children are said to be treated undesirably by the parent/s resulting to individuals behaving negatively in their community. Being unwanted is just one of the many causes of one’s misbehavior and there are different elements in the society that affect the overall behavior of an individual. Abortion is a recourse taken when the mother cannot fulfill her role. If she conceived at the wrong time, through the wrong person, or with signs of maternal or fetal risk, the mother has the right to resort to having an abortion.

If, in the first place, a woman does not want to keep the child, then it would be better if she will just terminate it as early as the detection of pregnancy. In this way, the number of unwanted children will be limited and so as the cases of misbehavior most of them commit. Social and Economic Benefits Aside from addressing the needs of the mothers and the fetus, abortion also serve as tool for controlling the ever-increasing population. And also, as mentioned above, it may avert more cases of misbehavior which will benefit the society and its people.

Considering the benefits it can give the mother, the fetus and the society, safe abortion is actually looking over the welfare of the many. It has been practiced since the early times and was only outlawed in the 19th century in the United States. The practice of abortion should be legalized with regulations. First of all, it enables women to practice their rights as stated in the Fourteenth Amendment of the Constitution. Women having unwanted and untimely pregnancy have abortion as one of their options. And since the medical procedures for abortion is safer than before, there is lesser risk for women to have infections and injuries.

Second of all, unwanted pregnancies may lead to negligible upbringing that may cause deleterious effects on a child. If the mother is unable or incapable of keeping the child then she might as well consider abortion so as to avoid further negligence. Lastly, in a country like the United State where people come from different parts of the world, the problem on overpopulation arises. This problem carries with it various societal problems. Birth rate continues to increase in an escalating manner than mortality rate. We do not have enough resources to provide for the needs of everyone.

Legalization of abortion does not just stop there; its implementation requires informing and educating people through campaigns that will provide them awareness and proper view regarding the matter. Abortion is not entirely a good or a bad thing. It depends on how it is going to be used. Through education, people will know the proper uses of abortion. Also, legalization of abortion does not promote and/or tolerate all acts of abortion. As mentioned earlier, it will be done with bounds and regulations. Acts of abortion that fail to conform to the regulations should be dealt with through legal trials.

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