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Shopper Characteristics Essay

With the passage of time and the advent of globalization the world and its markets are rather contracting. The concept of national boundaries is losing its relevance as it is easier to communicate and interact over long distances with the help of the modernizing technologies. Internet amongst other advancements is a phenomenon which has grabbed a hold of the entire globe with its convenient and effortless functionality and use for any person despite of their location.

This paper would focus on the characteristics of the traditional bricks and motor shopper with the more recent and modern online shoppers. Discussion For decades, shoppers have been accustomed to going to the shops and stores to buy what they need. This is given the name of bricks and mortar shopping. More recently is the concept of online retailing or ecommerce which has taken the markets and shopping with a blaze. Consumers are now turning towards shopping online which seems to be more convenient and easy.

There are however, many other reasons that lead to this change in consumer behavior and the steady move towards online shopping rather than bricks and mortar. As the popularity of online retailing increases more and more consumers are moving towards this trend and preferring to shop online rather than personally going to a store. It has been argued that there have been significant changes in the products that are available in stores and those that are available online. Bricks and mortar shopping is said to hold the extra cost of going to the specific location.

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Often, the stores are located in areas not accessible easily. Moreover, many consumers tend to realize that the variety of products and brands available in physical stores are significantly less than those available on online retail stores. (Jones & George, 2007) Online shopping gives the ease of access for consumers to many different outlets as well as alternatives to choose from. As it is easier to open an online store rather than a bricks and mortar store, online stores tend to have more variety and less costs which is a great attraction for consumers.

Moreover, consumers that are not shopping for the ‘hunt’ but rather need something specific would tend to shop online and would not mind waiting for the product to be delivered. However, traditional consumers that prefer to prey for the products they require and assess them carefully before buying still favor the bricks and mortar stores over online shopping. (Whittaker, 2009) Due to the outnumber of advantages of online shopping over bricks and mortar shopping there has been a drastic decrease in the bricks and mortar consumers as compared to online shoppers.

This change in consumer behavior has resulted many bricks and mortar stores to shut down due to decline in profits. However, in order to cope up with the changing trends many successful have schemed to take advantage of the change. JC Penny for example, was a bricks and mortar store (it still is) but now with the consumers inclining towards online retailing JC Penny modifies its websites as to make them more user friendly and attractive to customers. Now JC Penny is both, a bricks and mortar as well as an online retailer.

The improvement in the functionality and usability of the website has lead to a remarkable increase in their online profits. Conclusion In the end it is important to understand that with the ever competing markets all around the world companies need to keep up with the advancements and developments in order to prove to be successful and profitable. Consumers tend to follow anything that is more convenient and less time consuming hence, it is vital for businesses to be agile to the changing trends.

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