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Shop Lifting Assignment

This paper talks about an experience that has brought a new soul into me. It’s about how an incident dating back to 2003, that others might consider minor has changed my life. It talks about shoplifting and a day that although has marred my record, has set me onto the correct path by instilling moral values into me. It was back in 2003, when I was shopping at Macy’s that I purely out of mistake carried through the items I had planned to buy out of the store’s door.

The security system caught me and handed me over to the department’s head and the police for legal charges and a fine. Even though I was not taken to jail nor made to pay a heavy fee, I received something much more valuable than anything I have experienced by far. This thing that many search and aim to find yet remain lost in their wilderness and their ways of life. It was like a part of me stayed with that Macy’s store, while I moved on with my life. This part of my life I call ‘experience’.

When I was a kid, I was taught respect, respect for people, for elders, for the country and most importantly respect for myself. My parents always talk about how a great value system sets people onto the correct path and makes success come unto them rather the other way around. These teachings, I learnt in school, High School and various books that I read; however I never understood its true meaning. Now, at the age of twenty-three when I recall that day five years back, all I recall is an experience no matter how trifling, leaving a huge impact on my life.

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The sole reason of this being my understanding and seeing from my own eyes the true significance of moral principles and their applicability. That $70 that I spent bought me nothing yet I consider myself a respectful person since every dollar of fine that I paid made me understand the importance of a true value system. Unless, a person does not know whom to respect, how and why, he is incomplete. This is what my Country teaches me too and here I am trying to set the path straight for myself again by proving my innocence and a lesson well learnt.

I, in a few years see myself as a lawyer who knows reverence towards life because I learnt it through that one trivial incident. The worth of that $70 fine might be nothing, yet they mean the world to me because by each dollar that I spent I bought myself a new life. Looking back I see an eighteen year old immature boy making a very stupid mistake out of negligence and innocence, and looking at myself now while I type this essay for this law school I see a matured man who knows his values and aim in life and the moral way to get it.

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