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The sexual health issues Essay

Sexual health is having a satisfying sex. It makes us feel good, valued and healthier. The lack of sexual knowledge among youngsters has led to a lot of sexual health issues. It became a matter of great concern for many people such as community, health service providers and individuals.

The rate of premarital sexual intercourse among youngster is gradually increased. One of the reason is the youngsters have lack of knowledge about pregnancy, birth control and virginity. According to the research, there are approximately 50 percent of youngsters had ever dated. The behaviors that occur during dating include kissing, caressing, and sexual activity.

In the survey, there are more than half teenagers said that they did not use contraceptives even though they know about the methods to prevent pregnancies. Most of them argue that sexual activity is not fun when it comes to contraceptive and it is hard to use.

Besides, unmarried pregnancies are also one of the issues that faced by youngsters. The rape and incest cause unwanted pregnancies to women. These raped women do not have abortion rights yet. The emergency contraception is also not known by most of the people. The policy does not allow that the unmarried person acquire contraceptives from the government.

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The acts of premarital sexual are unsafety. The people who active in sexual activity will increase the risk of infection and bring about HIV and AIDS. The youngsters’ immature immune system and reproductive also increase the risk to get sexually transmitted diseases.

Sexual diversity faced by teenagers is also an issue that needs people to discuss. The homosexuality suffers from the critical attitude in a hostile environment. The public start to develop a culture of suspicion and questioning to them. Most people associate them with some diseases.

Impacts of the discussed sexual health issues

The evidence shows that the incidence of abortion will be decreased when the rate of using contraceptives increase. Therefore, the high rate of abortions in Malaysia is because of the low demand of using contraceptives.

The sexual health issues bring negative consequences on youngsters. The younger women do not complete the body growth. Pregnancy at an early age will have health effects on youngsters and children. The unsafe abortions can cause physical damage that consists of laceration of the cervix, perforation of uterus, infertility and death. (Morris & Rushwan, 2015)

The youngsters must pay for the medical care. This is the influence on them who do not have financial income. The unwanted pregnancies make women discriminated against. The issues also result them experience depression and lose their job. The younger women who are still in school are forced to drop out.

Women with HIV or AIDS need to take the risk of transmitting the disease to their infants. The teenagers who faced the disease will pay for the healthcare and foster care. Social inequality and exclusion occur in people with STD.

The non-heterosexual citizens begin to be discriminated and neglected due to the public have lack information about sexual diversity. Some of them faced with violence and physical or emotional abuse. Discrimination and stigmatization bring about the homosexuality hide in comfort zone. Isolation and metal stress is the impact of this issue.

Ways to intervene the sexual health issues


Education plays an important role in helping youngsters with sexual health issues. Informal education should also be emphasized when formal education is carried out in school. The schools can provide training and co-curricular activities to pass the information about sexual health such as damage of early pregnancies and abortions, HIV knowledge and contraception. These activities will help students to facilitate healthy lifestyle and sense of responsibility. Sexually active youngsters have to realize the risks involved in sexual behavior. Through sexual education, it can raise the level of knowledge about the sexual disease and sexual diversity. School is also an environment to promote youngsters good mental health and building social equality.


To intervene the sexual health issues faced by teenagers, family members have a responsibility to influence children’s social behaviors. The family is an important agent of socialization toward youngsters. Youngsters learn norms, beliefs and values through their parents. Family members can provide them life skills training when they have a good relationship between children. It can help to prevent the youngsters have sexual activities too early. Some of the youngsters have dating behaviors because of curiosity. Parents need to transmit the sex-related information at the right age for their children.


Increasing the knowledge about the sexually transmitted disease and LGBT are important to the society. It is one of the ways to prevent the social inequality and discrimination towards homosexuality and STD patients. They can find the sexual identity in the society and not be isolated. The public has to give the social support and build an accepting friendship in order to express concern for them. Mass media is a useful tool to change the social attitudes and be aware of the sexual health issues faced by the adolescent.


In my opinion, the article strongly discusses the sexual health issues faced by youngsters such as premarital sexual activity, dating behavior among adolescents, the contraceptive use, abortions, sexual diversity, sexual diseases and cybersex. The article also shows a lot of surveys to support the discussion.

According to the article, premarital sexual activities are popular among young people, they do not have enough information about sexual risk. Most of the adolescent does not use any contraceptives, it will result in unwanted pregnancies. The consequences of abortions affect physical and mental health of the younger women. The sexual diversity and HIV bring about the social inequality and discrimination. They are not be accepted and understood by society.

There is less explanation about the solution to intervene the issues faced by youngsters. They promote the sexuality education. The government and non-government organizations are important to provide co-curricular activities and training to students. The government also face some challenges to reach the outcome of sexuality education. Some of the teachers are not good to deal with the sexual health issues.

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