Sexual Discrimination - Assignment Example

Discrimination can be defined as any kind of treatment, which is unfair to a certain group and/or category of people usually based on prejudice. Discrimination takes different forms and is perceived differently by various groups of the society. Certainly, I have witnessed discrimination against homosexuals in the modern society. Many people have been treated unfairly and harassed because they are homosexuals or have colleagues or relatives who are homosexuals. For instance, in some schools, whenever a student is discovered to be homosexual, he or she is suspended or expelled from school.

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This has made it difficulty for homosexuals to join and learn in government institutions. In addition to this, we have experienced several cases where homosexuals are not allowed to join any club or register any kind of movement. This clubs include but not limited to gambling centers, and alcohol selling clubs. Another notable form of discrimination experienced by homosexuals is in getting accommodation or in buying goods and services. The society tends to have a negative attitude towards them and may not be willing to provide these services or goods to them.

Lastly in most forms of employment, it is difficult for well known homosexuals to get a job or be promoted. Although it has been claimed that women have equal opportunities for job advancement as men in working places with equal pay for similar task, research has shown that glass ceiling for women is a reality in the modern society. This is evidenced by the low number of women in the top management position. In addition to this, there exist some wage gaps between women and men. Still, the number of women professionals in some fields is low compared to men.

All this has been attributed to small working hours compared to men due to family affairs. Lack of knowledge of individual’s rights is a major reason as to why various members of the society have been discriminated against. Therefore, members of the society should be enlightened on their rights. This way, they would notice and report any form of discrimination to the relevant authorities. Moreover, the society should be sensitized against discrimination of other members of the society based on their group or category.

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