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Sexual Attraction Between Men And Women: Biological Factors Essay

Explaining human behavior has fascinated and intrigued theorists of Science, Psychology, Philosophy and Sociology for centuries. Unraveling the mysteries surrounding human behavior has instigated research and study from a broad range of disciplines associated with health and human sciences. Explanations or theories offered by science, psychology and sociology have produced varied perspectives on human behavior. Comparisons between disciplines highlight the stark differences that each angle of observation can produce.

People from all cultures have acted in relationships in different ways that are influenced by their cultural traditions and laws about sex. Human sexuality and how males and females act within the relationship can be considered as physically influenced by biology, for example hormones, brain centers, networks of nerves, and sex organs all shape the character of the male and female. This research paper therefore tries to observe the biological factors that contribute to the sexual attraction between men and women.

In this paper, there shall be a closer look at how both sexes gets attracted to each other. In the first place, the sexual attraction between males and females is not only by biological factors alone. There are some other contributory factors. But for the purpose of this research paper, there shall be a cursory look at the biological factors. In the first instance, there are differences in the sexual make-up of both males and females. For instance, in men, there is a larger body size and more hair body hair. In contrast, women have breasts, wider hips, and a higher body fat percentage.

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So therefore, many theorists have posited that this relativity of body make-up contributes greatly to the sexual attraction between both sexes. For instance, Udry (1980) states in his research that hormones account for the main determinant of male sexual initiation, so also the females. He however states that the hormones in the female contribute less to the attraction between both sexes. According to him, there are other factors such as the environmental or the sociological factors. As stated in the beginning of this paper, human sexual attractions are influenced by biology.

Hormones, brain centers, networks of nerves, among others shape the character of both sexes. In most cases, people tend to get attracted to an opposite sex like them. “People generally gravitate toward partners to whom they’re similar in terms of ethnicity, socioeconomics, education level, and attractiveness,” says Fisher, a psychologist. “Even when it’s not conscious, you can look at a room of people and figure out immediately who might fit what you want. ” The position of the above erudite psychologist accurately depicts the sexual attraction between both sexes.

The attractiveness of a partner is greatly influenced by innate biological factors and physical attractiveness. Thus, any kind of threat or disturbance sparks up internal biological mechanisms of the body which then sends signals to the brain through the hormones in the body. As a matter of fact, a research has shown that hormones have indirect and direct effects on the male and female brain, in their attractiveness to each other. According to Gray and Buffrey, hormonal differences do make a difference.

Some males are attracted to their female counterpart as a result of mere contact with the outer body of females. This is due to the signal the brain receives from the hormones. In contrast, no matter the body contact, some males or females are less aroused or attracted to the opposite sex. So therefore, hormones as a veritable biological factor, contributes greatly to the attractiveness between men and women. Furthermore, other biological factors that contribute greatly to the sexual attraction between men and women are some physical qualities.

A recent statistical research has shown that some categories of womenfolk are attracted to taller men, while some are mainly attracted to men with broader and hairy chests. Flowing from this, one can safely conclude that physical features are fundamental to the sexual attraction between men and women. Before concluding this paper, it is very important to note that despite the biological features of both sexes in their attraction to each other, some men and women are mainly attracted to people of same sexes. There is an ongoing debate whether this same-sex phenomenon is to be accepted or not.

However, some jurisdictions have enacted laws to protect the rights of those engaging in the same-sex acts. In conclusion, from all the above stated points, one thing has been deduced. That is that fact that there are various biological factors that contributes to the sexual attraction between men and women. However, this must not be put in a water-tight compartment as there are other factors that equally contribute to the attractiveness between both sexes such as, psychological, sociological, environmental factors, among others.

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