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Sexual and relationship satisfaction Essay

People all over the world have sex for various reasons and some people turnout to be sex addicts. Without sex their life can’t move on. Experts in marriage and relationships say that healthy sex is an important factor to maintain the relationship between two people.

The question is, what do you think is the importance of sex in an intimate relationship? Importance of sex in a relationship According to Lisa Angelettie in her article called: How important is sex? ritten in (2006), she says that, sex is important for a long term relationship because without it there is a vacuum that is created between partners that will lead them get involved in other acts such as gambling, alcohol, plus some other sexual acts like getting addicted to internet porn (Angelettie, 2006). For example, these two couples Ben and Vicky had every thing with them, money was never a problem; they had finished college and had good jobs.

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Really, every one just wished that his or her partner could be like theirs, but they didn’t know that there was some thing that was trying to destroy their relationship both physically and emotionally. Because for the three years they had been in their relationship, they had never had sex. According to Ben, he said, that he was not really in love with Vicky like people thought because he wasn’t contented with her passion sexually and that is why he had not proposed to her for marriage. For Vicky, she said she is not so interested in having sex.

That she would never tell it to someone because it doesn’t look normal and some times she really wondered if it is her or him. But she didn’t think that it will affect them greatly. Unfortunately, the two partners separated because Ben was denied a right to sex by Vicky Sex is used as an opportunity to lay a strong foundation of communication and faithfulness between partners.

It is like an intimate tongue one can use to express what he or she has to the partner and it also terrific understanding between the two. ay if there is any favor a woman needs from a man, he will have to do it accordingly because of the sexual satisfaction he gets from the woman (eHow Relationships & Family Editor, 2009). Through being good and responsive in sex, one can turn out to be a very good lover to the other partner, for a woman it makes her feel so good whenever her partner is sensitive to her sexual needs. Sex enjoyment between partners is memorable way of have fun which sounds and feels so romantic for them.

Sex also brings up new trust in a surprising and exciting way which tightens the bond between the two people. Sex in a relationship apart from cementing the bond between the two partners can also well result in fulfillment and reduction of stress that is brought up by the relationship. As Angelettie (2006) explains, without having sex, it creates sexual tensions and a feeling on not having a fulfilling relationship. Thus, it is important that couples should have as much sex as they desire so that they can build a good relationship.

Nonetheless, the couple should not merely focus all their attention on sex since this will reduce the meaning of a relationship and could as well hurt the relationship. Conclusion From the above discussion, one can show his or her heart’s devotion to the partner through having a sexual intercourse. It is clear sex in a relationship is a critical aspect in fostering and nurturing such a relationship. However people sex should not be a primary concern in a relationship, as being intimate and affectionate does not necessary mean having sex all the time. Other way to show love should be encouraged in a relationship.

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