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Sexual Addiction Essay

The word sex has various colloquialisms as to its meaning. However, for the sake of formality and technicality, its verb form is defined as sexual activity or activities associated with sexual intercourse. Also, sexual intercourse is imperative to the survival of a species—at least those with sexual reproductive systems. While its practice is a mandate of nature in order to survive through the procreation of succeeding generations, there are instances where the act is perverted in such a way that it becomes a mere act which brings pleasure, not to mention being a way of rebelling against social restrictions have been set by our elders.

With this comes the idea that becoming sexually active makes one look “cool” to his peers, making that person more acceptable to society as far as current lifestyles and trends go. A lot of people would say, “Everybody else is doing it, so why can’t I? ” But then again, people fail to realize that, by indulging in unchecked sexual activity, it is possible that they have already become slaves to their own sexual desires. They become addicted to it, such that the deprivation of sexual intercourse would bring them frustration, to the point of having feelings of inadequacy about their person.

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And in order to feel whole once more, or at least for the depravity to be quelled, they would seek satisfaction anywhere it is available, ultimately turning themselves into sexual addicts. And just like any addiction, this becomes a problem, because not only is the addict becoming more prone to sexually transmittable diseases, sexual addiction makes him/her more susceptible to social criticism and disdain, thereby negating his/her belief that engaging in sexual activity is a socially acceptable behavior.

In the end, what once was thought of as a passport to acknowledgment and acceptance became a one-way ticket to a problem that would not only be hard to get over with, but might even become a problem that would put a label to one’s person for the rest of his/her life. Although sexual proclivity may not exactly be a very common practice, it is real. It is heard of in almost every society where there is enough cultural liberalism. And apparently, mass media is in no way helping control this.

On the contrary, more sexual images are being broadcast, printed, and uploaded, all because the corporate thought is that “sex sells. ” The prevalence of sexual images, not only adds fuel to the fire of sexual desire, but, more importantly, it distorts the concept that sex is a good thing by presenting it as something that is a must have. And because of the “demand” for sex, pornography had been conceived, which, in a roundabout way of saying, became both a contributor and a reflection of society.

Even with certain laws being enacted prohibiting pornography, media proved its ingenuity by providing “milder” images. And because such images do not directly suggest sex, they run rampant on magazines, television programs, and the internet, inferring the “coolness” of sex to anybody who gets a hand on the material. Although sexual activity may be observed as early as grade school, it is practiced more in higher levels of education.

And while high school may be a phase in life where a person would be likely to experiment with his or her body, sexual activity while in academia is most notable during the college years. This is because it is during this time that a young adult experiences the most independence from restrictions. It is also a time when most sexually-induced material is more accessible to a person, giving them more possibilities to experiment with their sexuality.

It is true that, as of the moment, there are no proven statistics as to whether sexual proclivity is more active in males than in females, but observation shows that desire is seen more in males than in females. One of the contributing factors is an innate desire to be acknowledged as a man and to be accepted in the same social circles by his peers. And because “scoring” is a trend more common among males, they have become more prone to become addicted to sexual intercourse, without realizing it.

Moreover, with the proliferation of sexually-charged paraphernalia, such as videos, sex toys, etc. the desire to have intercourse is reinforced. Note that sexual addiction is differentiated from high sex drive. This is because sexual addiction is a behavior wherein the desire to have sexual intercourse is irrepressible. This is an erratic psychological behavior that needs to be sated every now and then through whatever means is available. Moreover, sexual addiction is more subliminal in nature, making it seem that seeking sexual satisfaction is but natural to one who is afflicted by such behavior.

Conversely, having a high sex drive is more of a condition wherein a person’s hormones are on a higher level than those of regular people. Where sexual addiction is more a psychological condition, which may be addressed mostly by therapy, high sex drives are more physiological in nature, and may be suppressed by medication, and is generally not considered as a behavioral problem. To summarize, sex is defined as activities associated with sexual intercourse and is presented as a natural phenomenon imperative to the survival of any species with sexual attributes.

However, because of certain thoughts and desires to be accepted by one’s peers, sexual activity has become prevalent, and is common among those in the collegiate level of academics due to the fact that it is at this time that restrictions are least encountered. It is recognized that sexual addiction exists and it is also hypothesized that the increase of sexual images has contributed to its prevalence. It is also presented that sexual addiction is different from high sex drive by positing that the former is more psychological in nature and that the latter is a physiological condition.

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