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Sex-Segregated Schools Essay

After reading Byfield’s article on sex-segregated schools, I strongly disagree on the idea of separating students by their sex. Byfield states how the poor school performance in males is caused by the distractions from the females. I think that is a foolish assumption because there can be many other reasons as to why males are underachieving. Firstly, males are usually more risk-oriented and dominant which means they are more likely to take risks by skipping classes and trying drugs which can potentially lead to poor school performance.

Since they are dominant, they don’t like being told what to do which is probably why they skipped or showed up to class on their own time. Also, they probably tried drugs more than females because of their risk-oriented personality. If the schools were segregated, the males would still skip class and do poorly in school because it isn’t the females who were making them do that. It was their own personal choice which is influenced by the nature and personality of a male himself.

Therefore, sex-segregated schools wouldn’t make any difference. Secondly, I recall when I was in high school, high school teachers use to favor the females which is why I believe they have a stronger school performance. Furthermore, the males skipped class, didn’t do their homework, and came late to class; their teachers began losing respect for them. In comparison, the females always came to class on time, participated, paid attention, and did their homework.

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Due to all of this, it builds a positive and emotional connection between the females and the teacher. The point I’m trying to make is high school teachers sometimes favored the females on assignments and tests by being more lenient out of sympathy because the females tried way harder than the males. Therefore, the females are not necessarily smarter than the males and there is no need for sex-segregated schools.

Furthermore, after high school when university begins, there is no longer time for the professors to get to know everyone in the class personally because class sizes are way bigger and classes are only 1-2 times a week in comparison to everyday in high school. Professors expect students to be more independent and every student in the class is just a number to the professor. The significance of this is that in university, there isn’t a problem with the females doing better in school than the males and the reason for this is because the females don’t have teachers to favor them.

Therefore, there is no need for sex-segregated schools. Lastly, I think the idea of sex-segregated schools is foolishness because if the attraction of the opposite sex is the cause for poor school performance, than there would be the same problem in sex-segregated schools too with gays and lesbians. Gays and lesbians would feel attraction for each other in the sex-segregated schools and could be distracted and do poorly in school too. Therefore, there is no need for sex-segregated schools.

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