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Service marketing Essay

Cyber space is a business agent that offers support to small business so that they can introduce their products and services in the online world. It helps form websites which are perfectly designed to get attractive and potential customers. It therefore presents products and services in well designed web pages and to the best of their knowledge, they maximize on the possibility of meeting customer needs. It also offers immediate help in times of problems in the transaction process and do speedy maintenance and solving of any errors that occur. This takes care of a good flow in the transaction.

It ensures that organizations are connected to the internet at all times at no extra cost. Such provisions make it possible for business transactions to be carried out for many hours and in different parts of the world. (Joel 1998): Cyberspace offers e-commerce solutions and so it is an agent through which business owners can fully achieve potential online trading opportunities. It offers training on the creation of web pages, taking caution on the content and presentation of the page so that they are well designed and informative to the customers.

Internet users have adopted the use of cyberspace since it has helped them conduct their businesses in many regions of the world. They have also been able to conduct business with other partners in far countries with greater ease. The users have been able to reach numerous clients through the web page through the advertisements that make customers aware of existing products and services. A communication channel has also been established so that customers can freely negotiate and build a good relationship with their supplier. It also enables them to access important details through emails or the use of fax.

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It has been of critical concern, that the internet sites must be unique, protected and informative to all those who visit the sites. Adequate details need to be provided so that customers are made aware about available products, the quality, quantity and other specific details are shown. The frequency in which customers visit the sites cannot be adequately determined but the secret to attracting customers is aggressive advertisement. Therefore the organization needs to advertise, show their accessibility and interest by offering their proper addresses to potential customers.

Consumers visit such sites with high expectations that they will be able to have their needs met. It is therefore a letdown by the organization if it does not provide accessible sites, protect the products as well as offer discounts on those products. The organization should take full responsibility in ensuring that goods are delivered safely to the intended customers. The rate at which purchasing is done and especially for new internet users is very crucial. This is because, online purchasing requires a lot of confidence on the part of the customer.

It is therefore an important step to offer the best product and offer quality and fair prices. This is because customers want to meet their needs by selecting the products that they wish to buy putting in mind that such a website will be very reliable. If customers are not satisfied by the product or service they receive, their loyalty goes down and their confidence compromised. It therefore means that customers need to have quality products and services offered to them. The positive outcome to such satisfaction is customer loyalty and profits from more contracts in the business.

This calls for good organization of the sellers of the goods or services. This will ultimately lead to good interpersonal relationship between the customer and the organization. The link between customer orientation and the good relationship will be enhanced by competent employees. This is because customer oriented employees are able to serve their customers very well, meet their needs and offer explanations. Such relationship creates a social environment where customers can gather more information, details or instructions on the accessing or using of products.

When the customers have good public relations the organization becomes more approachable and in so doing customer needs are met. The greatest advantage of this is that the needs of the customer are given first priority and they become customer oriented. (Whyte & Bill 2001) Various strategies need to be put in place so that customer service is given in good time and in the best way. The performance of a business will depend on the collective effort of the administration and those involved in conducting the transaction processes. Well established and revised processes lead to more efficiency in service delivery.

Furthermore, the long-term growth and performance of the organization will depend on the effort and ability of the organization to retain, attract and satisfy the needs of its customers. For business organizations to establish themselves and grow steadily, they need to deal with the changes in technology, competition and aim at expanding to international trade. Continued learning of the use of computer is an important aspect and this calls for constant training of employees. With the change in technology, the organizations have to show knowledge about the IT progress and adopt its use for maximum growth and development.

In e-commerce, introducing a product or a service in the internet is usually a great challenge especially because they have to know and get first reference customers. These are usually used as the technology testers since any response that they give upon using of products is critical. Any faults, inefficiency and improper operation processes on the equipment, product or service are known through them. They are also a powerful tool to promoting a business.

This is because they are first to enjoy the product or service and therefore, have the potential of promoting awareness to other customers. heir feeling of satisfaction can be spread to other people through electronic mails, phone calls or through verbal communication. In such a case, they are not only a big source of revenue but they open market opportunities from other users of the service. They are therefore referred as the learning group because through them, the organization can evaluate the quality of their products, the shortcomings, side effects, mechanical problems, price control and other aspects that are considered in quality services and products.

The responses that come from the reference customers are viewed to be the basis of all considerations that are put in place to motivate more clients into the business. The company is able to perform better in their advertisements, sales and delivery of services and products. They can learn on the best presentations that appear on the web page, the details on size, price, offers and any other guarantees attached on some products. The sales persons are carefully selected so that they have good public relations skills in the interaction with customers.

This is especially vital in customer orientation that helps prevent conflicts and ambiguity. Conflicts can result to reduced performance and so it is the duty of the managers to create a friendly environment for its customers. Customer specification in online trading should be met so that their needs are met. In the supply chain, the customer focus must be achieved in being efficient and effective in offering and delivering goods and services. As a strategy, the organization should have unique procedures that are well managed.

With good management the organization can meet the present needs of the customer and more importantly, they can anticipate their future needs. This will result to increased customer loyalty which will translate to high profits, growth and development of business. With the arrival of online transactions, supply management has been critical in increasing efficiency in placing orders and delivery of the goods. It has also led to reduced labor cost and inventory control. E-commerce has also been introduced in the airlines where customers can book flights online.

Details on departure time, charges and other requirements are checked on the available web pages. The web sites keep customers informed about the travel alternatives available as well as frequent confirmation reports on their bookings. The sites should however be genuine so that customers are not inconvenienced by the fraudulent activities of hooligans. This has been realized especially with on-line payment where information has been tapped, interfered completely or has been altered. It is therefore, necessary to have quality webs that are well protected with security codes.

Online shopping though a routine in many customers, it needs to be an enjoyable shopping experience through the provisions of for example entertainment. Other accessories such as games, charts and photographs or images can make the shopping to be a very memorable experience each time. E-procurement needs the attention of the operation’s management so that superior products are offered. They should also have an ability to facilitate quick supply through safe channels. It is important to confirm and verify the validity of the contract addresses so as to avoid any cases of on-line fraud.

E-procurement leads to reduced costs as well as increased profits. The kind of product offered will affect the preference of the customer for online or offline transaction. All the processes need to be laid down and followed keenly. The offers or discounts that go with certain products need to be illustrated well. The web design should show images of the products giving careful details on size, shape, color, brand and ingredients. The products or services need also to be delivered on an agreed time frame as this will help in saving time. ( Al K. 2005):

There has been notable success with the use of e-commerce. This has been an effort of managers who have been actively involved in strategic planning and management of all the processes. Among this has been the close monitoring and marketing intelligence which have been contributing factors to growth of small businesses to multinational organizations. (Kathy 2005). The strategic plans have helped meet the objective of any business organization to increase customer support and offer quality service. This has been a major achievement that helps gain the trust of customers from all walks of life.

There are challenges that may be felt by a business especially with shortage of goods and products. It is important to realize that the inefficiency may lead to reduced confidence, reduced customer loyalty and more dangerously, it can lead to cancellation or end of contracts. The issue on price of such goods may also change due to the low supply of goods or temporary situation when there are shortages. The organization needs to be very objective in dealing with such a challenge by ensuring there are no shortages. This can be done through stock checking and stock control.

If it does happen, all the customers should be informed about the situation in good time. Any changes in the prices need a good explanation and preferably should be convincing. (Otto 2003): In e-commerce the sites should be secured, offer privacy, be informative, and build a good reputation about the organization. It should have the intellectual property such as the logo, trademark and business name protected. The fundamental issue is to retain and attract e-merchandise and promote e-service and e-shopping. The electronic transfers have been facilitated by the use of credit cards which has widely been used.

Customers need to be careful while making such money transfers since inexistent persons or businesses may be found appearing on the website. (Sam & David 2006): Managers should learn on the benefits of integrating the use of e commerce in their normal practices. This is because ecommerce has become relevant in the current environment of change and competition. Managers can evaluate and assess the market and use all available resources in any business opportunity. (Micki, 2007). E commerce has led to a quick, efficient and reliable method of transacting. It has been very convenient to majority of customers through the secured shopping cards.

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