Sense of Mystery in the media - Assignment Example

My favorite kind of mystery is one that has lots of twist and turns, and an ending that one could never predict. The creators of Red Rock West, The Usual Suspects, and Psycho all appeal to my sense of mystery by employing those characteristics. In each movie things occur that I would never have anticipated. The endings are all totally surprising and in some cases even shocking.

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In Red Rock West, there are many twists and turns. In the small town of Red Rock, nothing is as it seems. From the very beginning of the movie people are turning out to be the opposite of what they appear. To me, this is what makes it a good mystery. From the start, I know not to trust any of the characters in the movie. Now, I am expecting there to be mystery and starting to guess what will happen next. My sense of mystery is appealed to when I start guessing about what is going to happen in a movie. Even with some of the worst dialogue and acting I have ever seen in a single movie, Red Rock West appealed to my sense of mystery. It surprised me with its cheesy ending and even made me look forward to it. Though I would not readily admit that I liked this movie nor would I ever recommend it to someone, it fulfilled its purpose as a low-budget, unknown, thriller/mystery that was fairly entertaining and had a couple of exciting twists.

The Usual Suspects is another movie where nothing is as it seems. Though I have seen this movie many times, I am still surprised by parts of it every time I watch it. It is one of my favorite movies and Kevin Spacey (pre-Pay It Forward) is one of my favorite actors. The Usual Suspects fully appeals to my sense of mystery and almost appears to be made specifically for my tastes. The ending is so good because you never really expected it. Yeah, there’s always that one guy who claims he saw the ending coming, but he really didn’t. He really just can’t think of anything intelligent to say after a movie with such good dialogue. The Usual Suspects is one of the best movies ever. It has so many twists and turns and things you never expected. The Usual Suspects is such a good movie just for the ending alone and it is in ever sense of the word a great mystery.

Psycho is a great movie. Its Hitchcock and its really entertaining to watch. However, it doesn’t really appeal to my sense of mystery. I completely appreciate it for what it is, but it moves a little slow for me and is missing some of the excitement I like in my mysteries. I still really like the movie, but its just not as weird or as exciting. I mean, Norman Bates is blatantly a strange guy, so who didn’t expect him to be involved some way at the end? When I saw it for the first time I knew Norman was strange and it all kind of led up to the twist at the end. A cool movie, but still not my kind of mystery.

All three movies we watched in class were pretty good. They were all entertaining and all appealed to my sense of mystery in some way. Red Rock West, The Usual Suspects, and Psycho are three extremely different movies, but a feeling of mystery is present in each one.

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