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Self Determination in Joy and Success Assignment

Motivation and learning are inextricably tied together and are best understood through a lens of understanding what it means to have the opportunity and the natural right to the liberty of self determination and person centered decision making. No person, child or adult, can truly say that one is happy and well when one is forced to learn subjects uninteresting to them or are forced to complete tasks in which they find no joy (Meyer & Turner, 377).

From a psychological perspective, one can understand the suffering involved in the cases of people who are not guided by agreeable self directed purpose but rather the disagreeable whims of other individuals. In aiming to protect the integrity of the self, it is reasonable that a person should feel a certain level of personal decision making regarding one’s life choices or working goals.

If an individual is lacking the self determination of positively and consciously choosing to act, then the mental and emotional ramifications of forced behaviors or perceived forced behaviors by others upon the self can be truly painful (Beck, Mueller, Palekcic, & Wanninger, 76). It should be the aim of every modern parent, teacher, therapist, or other professional to recognize the needs of individuals to play a part in decision making and to foster self efficacy and self esteem by aiding in person centered communication and activities (Heckhausen & Frieder, 149).

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The employee who finds oneself working day by day in an environment which does not encourage person centering and self determination or the employee who finds it personally difficult to be person centered and self determining will surely encounter a situation of emotional and mental instability and imbalance.

When a person loses control over oneself and feels lost to powers outside oneself, then the possibility for that person to learn and develop with motivation becomes restricted. This type of external or self restriction, which limits the individual from being able to make free and happy personal decisions, diminishes the importance of the self (Dai & Sternberg, 90). As the self diminishes in importance, so does life meaning and general life fulfillment.

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