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Self Concept Assignment

There are certain times in ones life that each one must actively forego of personal fears and create an active avenue for development. Such thing can only happen if one person’s self esteem can be overcome by what he/she sees themselves to be. By facing these challenges only then can an individual ascertain whether he/she can rise above such limitations and actually do these tasks Looking at my experiences, I wish to elaborate on my experience concerning my GPA and my transfer to pharmacy school.

My background can be characterized to be a newcomer in a particular community. Actually, I am a transfer student and I wanted to shift in a pharmacy course. However, to do that I had to get my GPA up to a certain grade level so that I can be qualified for shifting. Seeing the scenario, I can say that my self-concept is at variance from my individual self esteem. My self-concept points out that I am relatively new in this environment and I feel the pressures of being an outcast and not fitting in.

There is a drastic need for me to actually blend in with the crowd which often than not limits me from doing my own objectives and agenda in school. That is why, there was a point where I can say that my self conscious about everything and began to lose my self confidence. Things started to change when I met new friends and began to understand that actually blending in and becoming someone else is not a good solution to the problem. All I have to do is to be myself and do what I do best.

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By doing this, I began to conceptualize and redefine my objectives. That is when my GPA started to get up and such incident gave me the opportunity to transfer in pharmacy school. By actually realizing that I cannot please everybody and just have to live according to what I perceive is correct did really alleviate my plight It is through this event that my self esteem overcame my self concept and began to create good effects in my life.

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