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Self Assessment Essay

In the world of business, there are many various concepts in which I believe is directly applicable in various aspects of our life. First and foremost, the concepts of business are very applicable to the work and various processes which are necessary for the success of the company as well as the employees of various departments which are available. On the other hand, the concepts of business are also very applicable in maintaining a very positive lifestyle.

In my own daily living, I have learned to apply various types of concepts in order to maintain a healthy living as well as a balanced lifestyle in order for me to cope up with various changes in life. One of the values which have stuck with me since I had been studying this course was to be well organized. I believe that in order to attain the perfect management skills, an individual needs to be organized in various aspects of handling and managing a business. Being organized makes the work load easier and much planned.

Planning an activity before hand prepares a person for the possible activities as well as the assumed threats of the work that he or she is doing. In addition, being well organized makes a person remember the activities that he or she had done in the past. Moreover, being able to remember the things makes the work much easier. Instead of searching things again in order for the person to be reminded, he or she does not need to search it again. As a result, the individual could start the work immediately. In connection to having organization in work, I also have gained time management skills.

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Although I am still having a hard time in practicing this newly acquired skill. However I do believe that through proper time management, I was able to do various types of things in a span of one day. Before, I was struggling to do different chores and work in a day. Most of the time, I am not able to finish all the work. I kept on thinking for the reason why I do not accomplish my goals for the day. Acquiring time management truly helped me to fully accomplish the work that I wanted to finish. In addition, I have gained self control and discipline while doing the things that I need to do.

Before, I used to do different chores while doing other things. I have learned that I need to focus myself in doing one chore or activity because it will make me these things faster than expected. Through focusing on one thing, I have gained self control and as a result, I am able to have more free time for myself and my hobbies. In connection to work, having time management creates a more peaceful workplace in a sense that employees are not stressed or hassled. There will be less conflict and misunderstanding because all assumed threats and problems are already given resolution.

In addition, having the proper segregation of time for a work opens more time for the employees to solve an assumed problem. Even if there are complications in the way, the subordinates as well as the managers will finish the project or the work in the proper time with fewer mistakes. In addition, I have learned the value of leadership and learning to lead other people to work excellently. For a leader, I have realized that it is difficult to direct other people in doing activities with brilliance because they are often discouraged or are burned out in work.

Therefore, a leader should have great communication skills not only with the administration but also with his or her workers. Open communications with subordinates will address the concerns of the people in the office which then result to a much satisfied and superior work force. In conclusion, all the values and concepts of management are very applicable to the daily lives of normal individual. Although most of these theories are technical most of it results to basic concepts which will also resolve the our needs in communicating with other people as well as living a balance life in work and in our personal lives.

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