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Secura India Real Estate Fund Assignment

Secura Investment Management (India) Pvt. Ltd. is the company that handles the Secura India Real Estate Fund Scheme1 and Scheme2. Both real estate Investment schemes have been organized as the Secura India Real Estate Fund scheme. Secura had started scheme1 in late 2009 and the Scheme2 in 2012. Secura India Real Estate Fund Scheme2 has a fund size of Rs 50Crores.

Secura India Real Estate Fund isVenture Capital investment is a system to institutionalize novel entrepreneurship. Venture Capital in India helps endeavors, which may not fall within the norms of conservative investment. In the case of real estate projects which are at high risk and those encouraged by new entrepreneurs, the rational capital by way of the venture idea/concept and the applicable track record are often the major offerings from the promoters.

The venture capitalist steps in with his input by way of equity / private equity related tools besides other value added & need-based services such strategic organization support etc. at the stage when enough offerings are getting from the promoters. After the project settles down with cost-effective operations & normally with a potential to raise funds from predictable sources, the venture capitalist exits by vending out his share. In other words, Venture Capital Investment denotes the savings in high-risk projects eager to share in the risk of the project, with the hope of adequate returns.

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Venture Capital financing in real estate schemes are typically at “Land Cost” stage, i.e., a fund devotes and join forces with developers/landlords from beginning till the end of the project. Besides the geographical spread of reserves, the finance capitalizes on both the early mover plus as well as reaps the paybacks of economies of scale in the execution/ assembly stage of its diverse investments/ projects. A VC real estate investment reduces the risk profile of real estate as a quality class by offering varied asset portfolio managed by qualified investment managers in India. Thus, it provides the assistance of a distrustful investment option.

the first SEBI registered real estate venture capital fund in Kerala.

Secura India Real Estate Fund Scheme2 opens with a minimum savings of Rs 5L, and with no maximum limits. The fund will invest in areas related to real estate actions in Calicut and Cochin. The investments and processes of the fund shall be subject to the compliances of Islamic Finance rules, as directed by the Shariah Advisor to the Fund, and Taqwaa Advisory & Shariah Investment Solutions Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai.

Secura has been certified as India’s first Shariah compliant real estate VC fund in Kerala as well. This fund was formed as a causative trust under the stipulations of Indian Trust Act, 1882. IL&FS Trust Company Ltd is the trustee of the Fund. The Shariah certification of the fund is done by Taqwaa Advisory and Shariah Investment Solutions (TASIS). Islamic Banking system has become the nucleus of Islamic Financing, due to its unique identity. Secura supports Islamic banking which refers to a system of banking activity, steady with the principles of the Shariah and its practical application.

Secura, the Investment Management Company seeks to make reserves in privately negotiated equity and equity linked reserves in unlisted or listed companies in India or in India-connected opportunities in other countries subject to the widespread regulations and laws in India. Secura have plans to invest the Fund in areas associated to Real Estate and allied sectors. Real Estate Investment is a great way to grow your wealth if done responsibly. Hence invest through Secura Real Estate Fund Schemes that help you earn enough returns.

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