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Scientific Revolution Views Assignment

This is the establishment and starting point of modern science corning the ideas in biology, physic and astronomy evolved fast in society. In this, there have been many views concerning the ways in which our science has been revolving in the society. Thus, the assignment is aimed at identifying the differences that exists in the ways in which people view science revolution in both the ancient times and the modern times.

During the ancient times, the views on scientific revolution were basically based on the foundation of the ancient Greek and Hellenistic knowledge as it had been established by Roman science. The paper will look at the views and how different they are to the modern view as much as they are still in use to date but with slight alterations in them. To begin with, there was the view that Aristotle stated that, the universe was basically a sphere like structure in which all the planet had surrounded the earth making the earth to be the center of the universe.

In science, he also viewed that the universe was made up of four element in which comprised of earth, air, water and fire, in which they all tended to be moving on a straight line till they arrive at the sphere. It was further thought out that, there existed the fifth element – Aether which did not change in any way but was naturally moving in a circular motion as compared to the other elements which were moving on a straight line.

In these it was then their view that the space object move in an irregular motion with their effect of numerous similar circular motions. The other different is one the model of the planetary motion. In the past, the scientist believed that the movement of the sun, moon, planets and stars could be sensed by the use of the geometrical calculation of which was later disapproved by the use of the astronomical observation which tend to give them more accurate position that before.

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As much as the first scientists had their own views concerning the establishment of the modern science, the current scientist have in long run altered some of the views suggested before. These have brought the differences between the two views in our society. This section of the assignment will look at the modern views and how they tend to differentiate with the ancient ones.

The modern scientist suggests that, the as much as the solar system is made up of many component, the earth is not its central point as it is one of the planet that forms the solar system and thus, they tend to think that, the sun is the centre of the solar system. Other than the use of the geometrical calculation, there is the modern view that the movement of the solar system element can only be determined through astronomical observation

In finale we can say that, as time goes by with the change in our technology, the scientists tend to come up with more unique views concerning scientific revolution.

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