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Science in the News Essay

Cancer is one of the most feared illnesses in the world mainly because scientists have not found a definite cure for it. There are treatments available and some people do get treated completely but there are still a large number who succumb to their cancers. Still, even with this knowledge, scientists are not giving up on trying to find better treatments and cures for cancer patients.

One of the newly discovered treatments for cancer is the “nanomaterial-based biomedical device that could be used to deliver chemotherapy drugs locally to sites where cancerous tumors have been surgically removed” (Northwestern University “Nanodiamond Drug Device Could Transform Cancer Treatment”). The device uses nanodiamonds, which are very little in size hence the name, and releases a certain drug called Doxorubicin in a stable and controlled manner. It can be implanted in the cancerous site to remove residual cancer cells that chemotherapy and surgery were not able to remove.

The researchers aim to improve “treatment efficacy that can complement injected chemotherapy to reduce dosages and decrease devastating side effects” (Northwestern University “Nanodiamond Drug Device Could Transform Cancer Treatment”) to cancer patients. Although everything that the article stated was clear and could be understood, it lacked in providing other vital information including the negative effects of this device and how much it would cost the patients.

It is known that treating cancer can be very expensive and it is important for these scientists to be able to come up with an affordable yet effective treatment for the illness. It is very fortunate that at this time, technology has made it possible for scientists to discover better treatment procedures and improve the way of life for people with life-threatening illnesses. This fact can bring hope to these patients and can mean that complete treatment for cancer in the future is possible.

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