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Sam Giancana Assignment

Sam Giancana was a top mobster. He was the head of the Mafia in Chicago. He and the other members of the Mafia were known as the ‘Untouchables’. The Mafia was originated in Sicily. He had many connections with people in high places such as Joe Kennedy, John F. Kennedy’s dad. Joe Kennedy was also known to be a boot legger and that made him seem a little dodgy. There are many reasons why Sam Giancana might want John F. Kennedy dead.

First of all Joe Kennedy was supposed to have met Sam Giancana and asked him to fix the votes by making Union Officials vote for John F. Kennedy so that he would win. When the Election Day came it turned out that John F. Kennedy won but it was only by approximately 10,000. When Sam Giancana saw that John F. Kennedy had won the vote he thought that John F. Kennedy would turn a blind eye to his illegal doings and he thought John F. Kennedy would owe him something in return. However when John F. Kennedy came to power, Robert Kennedy became Attorney General and decided to take action against Sam Giancana and other high-powered mobsters. Sam Giancana was taken to court but was so cool that they couldn’t charge him. This annoyed Sam Giancana but he decided to let him off. Sam Giancana still thought that John F. Kennedy owed him something but that wasn’t right.

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When the Mafia got kicked out of Cuba by Fidel Castro the Mafia and possible the CIA decided that they would invade it to get it back. The Mafia and the CIA got help from Cuban Exiles. John F. Kennedy said that he would help them with an air strike but when the Mafia, the CIA and the Exiles invaded they found out that John F. Kennedy had pulled out just before they invaded and they got slaughtered. This really annoyed Sam Giancana and this may have set off the bomb.

Sam Giancana and the Mafia may have assassinated John F. Kennedy by themselves but that was unlikely. They needed someone to help them maybe by turning a blind eye towards them. One organization that may have been involved was the FBI. I doubt that the FBI had anything to do with the actual assassination but maybe they turned a blind eye so that John F. Kennedy would be killed. One reason for this may have been that Edgar Hoover and the FBI had been fighting Communism prior to John F. Kennedy’s election. One thing about Communism in America is that there is none so that means that they just sit around all day doing no work but when John F. Kennedy came into power he made them fight the Mafia meaning they had to do work so they may have wanted him out of the office.

Another organisation that may have helped the Mafia was the CIA. The CIA didn’t like him because they thought he was soft. All the CIA wanted to do was kill and destroy but John F. Kennedy wanted to find peaceful ways of solving things. Also John F. Kennedy wanted to abolish the CIA and there’s no doubt that this annoyed the CIA. Another reason was that when the tried to invade Cuba John F. Kennedy said he would help with air support but he pulled out just before they invaded so they got slaughtered.

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