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Review of ghost dances Assignment

I thought ghost dances was a huge success performed at the city school on the Wednesday night. This was one of three nights and all the actors/actresses performed tremendously magnificent. The general outline of the play was about a young married mother and her daughters and how they felt when there father never returned home. It is a tearful story of how they waited and hoped every night that their father would soon arrive home. Later in the play one of the daughters falls in love and they both get engaged but all is lost when one night they are walking home together, he is dramatically shot and the daughter is taken away.

The structure of the play was really well performed and put across to an audience. If there was a comedy, there would more than likely to have been a distressing scene straight after. The set was a huge empty space and at the back there was four flats (two at each end of the stage) they were neutral colours, mainly with shades of: browns, greens and oranges and these colours were chosen to give the impression of an influential play. In the middle of the flats were some large rocks and a few tiny pebbles scattered round.

The set presented like this gave it a feel of wonder and curiosity that anything could happen. The props used were all promptly moved on and off the stage for the following scenes or other props. Some props were also used as part of the costumes. Such as the Torture scene, it included a blind fold and this was part of one of the daughters costume as a scarf in the scene before. There were three sides to the stage so this made it difficult for the actors to be facing at least some part of the audience directly all the time. Some of the audience would have seen there backs.

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So the actors used a good technique with diagonals and different actors faced different ways, so the audience would have been able to see someone all the time and it was rehearsed perfectly. The lighting worked really well with every movement made and the different types of scenes. If there was a cheerful scene the stage would have been brightly lit with yellows and strong spot lights but if there was a really dramatic scene there would have been strong reds and very dimmed spot light to slightly show the expressions of people.

This gave really good tension and a feel to the scenes. There were also UV lights used but these were mainly for the ghosts to make them stand out (glow, when wearing white colours) and make them appear to be creepy. The lighting was really effective for the use of flashbacks or the use of dramatic scenes when they would snap to different colours or darkness. When there were two things happening on the same stage the spot light would show the lively actors and dim the still actors, so it gave the idea of split stage.

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