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What is an outline and how to write it? Assignment

“Just sit in front of a typewriter and blow up,” said E. Hemingway, when he was asked how to create a brilliant text. In order to write a brilliant research paper, it’s not necessary to blow up blood. However, for many students, only the word “research” causes unpleasant sensations. We’re convinced that this is absolutely in vain, and we offer our own approach for writing this kind of work. One of the secrets of successful writing of the paper lies in strong outline.

The research paper outline example should briefly summarize the content of your research paper topic and organize it in an easy-to-understand and coherent manner. Writing a paper outline is very effective, and some teachers even require students to submit drafts to make sure that they have written essays by themselves. There is a basic sample of how to do this, but the content may vary depending on the research paper topics.

Use a standard alphanumeric structure for your paper writing. This is the most common and the easiest kind of outline research paper – each section is denoted by Roman numerals, capital letters, Arabic numerals and lowercase letters in that order:

  • Roman numerals are allocated headings or paragraphs. There are three of them: the introduction, the main part, and the conclusion.
  • Caps are used to emphasize important points.
  • Arabic numerals will help you meet important points, headings, and subheadings.
  • Lowercase letters are used for describing the details.

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Alternatively, you can use a fractional sample outline. It’s similar to alphanumeric, but for numbering sections, there is a series of numbers.

The best recommendations for writing your paper

  • Decide whether you will use full sentences or short phrases in writing a research paper. In most cases, long sentences in paper outline research are much more useful because they carry more information in themselves. Especially they will be useful to those who pass their writing art history to the teacher.
  • Whatever research paper format you choose, don’t mix them up. Don’t write in one plan long sentences and short sentences, if there is no need for it.
  • You can name the main sections “Introduction,” “Main part” and “Conclusion” in your research paper writing, but your teacher may ask you to correct it.
  •  Whatever structure you choose, set out your thoughts briefly, convey your ideas, summarize the overall, organize your thoughts. In general, one item should not exceed the established size. Long sentences should not be piled together.
  • The task of the research paper format outline is to formulate a conclusion on the basis of the subject under study. The main purpose of writing this type of essay is to gather as much information as possible. It doesn’t look like an argumentative or convincing type; you don’t need to refute or prove anything.

The sequence of writing the outline

  • In the first chapter of writing research, write an introduction. In this section, you should familiarize the reader with general information about the subject and formulate your thesis statement.
  • Your first subparagraph should contain a proposal that will draw the attention of the reader. It can be some interesting fact about the subject of the research paper.
  • The second subparagraph should disclose the art history paper outline, background, history of the occurrence or investigation of any problem during the writing process. Try to write the outline template briefly. You should only acquaint the reader with the introduction part, without clarification.
  • If you want to develop the paper topic thoroughly, then break the second subparagraph into additional sections.
  • The last subparagraph should have your paper thesis. Express your ideas or opinions, which you are going to develop further.
  • The second chapter should be the main part. Each subsection of this chapter will introduce the reader to your ideas, major points.
  • Confirming facts and evidence should be provided under each main item with stylistic analysis. Each new fact should also be numbered.
  • If you want, you can include transitional sentences with arguments support in the subsections that will lead the reader to the next “main point.” But this is optional.
  • In the end, do not forget about the conclusion of a term paper. This chapter of the final paper should force the reader to refer to the first chapter and recall the ” introduction body.” For this, you can rewrite your thesis. The idea must remain the same, but the thesis needs to be rephrased. You may also paraphrase the sentences.

Make sure you can explain the final statement. Usually, it encourages the reader to think about the consequences, suggests a solution to the problem or explains the importance of the topic.

Research Paper Outline Examples

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