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Research definition Essay

Research has always been present when making studies, no matter what kind of subject, it is something very essential that everyone should never forget. One of the studies that are ever given focus is medicine, an education in science that heavily relies on research. But first of all, what is research? Research is an organized method of finding relatively new ideas from the existing body of knowledge with the help of useful tools for improving the quality of life.

Looking at the two subjects at the same time, their purpose is quite similar which is finding ways on how to make life more convenient. Since I’ve always dreamt of becoming a doctor ever since I was a kid, the central questions are, how does research aid the study of medicine? How do I see myself as a researcher? What topics would I possibly focus on?

We can all agree that research is a very significant instrument in many types of studies, but nothing can compare to the correlation of analysis to the study of health care. As a future doctor, research is very crucial in finding solutions to a better life. The primary focus of its importance is in the aspect of epidemiology, demographic, and extending or improving our knowledge.

Epidemiology, the branch of medicine that investigates the cause, prevalence, and spread of disease uses feedback from research that is imperative in planning strategies on how to prevent infections. An example of this is the recent study of the Department of Epidemiology from Bloomberg School which states that diabetes can be diagnosed from a single blood sample. When planning a new service or creating a modern medicine, demographic data such as size, age, and gender comes into play. This is essential for the doctors or practitioners to be able to predict or plan the next action. Lastly, expanding and enhancing knowledge uses research to develop a person’s experience resulting in a change in the person’s behavior.

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For example, research linking to liver cancer from a lifestyle of drinking can result in realizing that drinking liquor excessively is unhealthy and can cause long-term illnesses. That is why, as an, I become a researcher, I can see myself very eager to learn and discover new knowledge, come up with conclusions from our studies, and gathering demographic data.

Aside from this, since I took the science and health track from STEM strand and I aspire to be a doctor in the future, I will probably focus more on health and social care topics because studying and finding ways to cure or prevent diseases are fun for me.

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