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Reflections of the test – Science ISAT Essay

The test was nicely framed. It made me polish my knowledge and basics. It basically covers the general knowledge every individual should have, though it has some science basis which only a science student may know, but the test covers the basic science which every person should know. I enjoyed giving the test as it did not just want facts and figure and definitions in science but it was all implications of laws and theories learnt in real life examples.

Thus even after knowing a particular law or theory one had to spend a considerable amount of time thinking about the implication. The basics topics covered in the test are physics, biology, and some chemistry. The test has everything from fossils to simple machines. Moreover few questions are directly from the document hence if concentrating from the marks point of view one can easily gain marks as most questions are already discussed and talked about.

If not discussed they have already being mentioned by the instructor so it is always expected that the student looks into all those areas mentioned by the instructor before giving the test. Hence for a student who has done proper ground work on topics mentions by the instructor for him to gain a good score should not be a tough job. I answered more than half correct. This makes me feel that my basics were not proper or I did not give my full input in answering the test and hence I should read more. It is a motivating test basically targeting the general knowledge of people.

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It looks pretty simple at the first sights but few tricky questions make one realize that it’s not that easy to just walk through this one. As the end of every test should tell the student about his/her performance, so does this test analyzes the logical performance of the individual. The questions which interested me were implications of the basic science where it asked about what kind of beak a bird eating insects from a bark tree should have? , or What is the similarity between a human skin and certain insects ? certain questions related to fossils and few questions like the fish needs the following to stay alive in an aquarium except are absolutely perfect to test the aptitude levels of 4th grade students.

Also, few questions were pretty indirect. For example- instead of asking which planets among the following is farthest from the sun, the question was twisted to give the following look – Which planet would take most time to compete encircling the sun? Well science is very vast, so it cannot be said that everything was covered, but it covered a good range of topics.

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