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Reducing Gang Violence Assignment

Gangs are group of individuals who share and carry similar identities and characteristics. Usually, gangs possessed negative impression. Gangs are the author of various organized crimes, from low level to major crimes, in the society. They perform trades of illegal drugs, smuggling of goods and are also involved and connected to series of killings and murders. They destroy properties, embed fear to the public, scare people and intimidate business away.

Disputes among gangs also terrorize people as widespread killings and gang wars disturb peace within the community. In order for gangs to perform their operations, police protection and connection to higher officials from the government is necessary. Thus, with the presence of gangs in different cities, corruption within the government becomes extensive. The rapid increase to the problems and chaos related to gang violence through the years has brought an alarm to city and regional officials, as suburbs areas nationwide are affected heavily.

As a result a heated debate has been ignited on how the government can control gangs’ related problems that has plagued the American society. Today, Street gangs’ members have outgrown and outnumbered authorities and police in America (Heffernan, 2007). Thus, rapid increase in crimes committed by gangs is evident. In response to this mayhem, lawmakers are pushing various bills in the congress and senate that would penalize and punished gang members especially their leaders seriously. Through these bills, gang related violence and crimes would be categorized as federal offense.

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Grave punishments are waiting as mandatory sentences would mean ten years in prison, furthermore the crimes punishable by death increase and underage gang members can be put into jail with adult criminals. By reorganizing and restructuring the laws and the penalty that awaits gang members, it is believed that somehow individual cases of gang related violence can be minimized. However, locking up the youth together with adults in prison is not viewed as many as a proper approach in dealing with the present problems.

Indeed, we cannot deny the fact the gangs are composed majority of teen agers. Young people joined gangs in order to search their identity and look for a sense of belonging. Most of the time, adolescents are tempted to become a member of the gang, due to family problems. When parents failed to give the needed attention of their children, they start to look for support somewhere else. Often times, youngsters found this support from the streets, their friends and the gang they have become a member of. Gangs cater everything they miss from home.

It offers them, a sense of belonging and purpose, the love and care absent from their family and the support which is badly needed by adolescents (Heffernan, 2007). In order to reduce violence rooted to gangs, it is important for the community to work together (Dobuzinskis, 2007). The government alone can not do it by making laws that would punish gang members and by relieving corrupt officials from their posts (Dobuzinskis, 2007). Police authorities cannot do the task themselves. The public should be aware that in order to combat this problem, the aid and support by the community is largely needed.

Parents would play major role in resolving these problems. They should spend more time with their kids. Give them the love, care and attention that children needs. By doing these, parents are aware what keeps their children busy, the activities they are into and the friends they hang out with. Through this, they are limiting the probability of their children becoming a gang member. They can also set rules, such as curfews, and at an early age discussed to their children things that are acceptable and things that should be avoided.

They should also stress out the importance of education. With proper, guidance a child can develop into a person that the society can be proud of. Members of gang often times joined the group due to financial matters and lack of activities that would make them feels valuable. In order to address this issue the local government has devised plans that give the public a sense of purpose. They are pushing to provide education and teachings to areas which are heavily infested by gang violence.

In addition with providing education to suburban areas and vocational courses are also offered that would equip them skills and abilities needed to start a living. In reducing the chaos and problems that are attached to gangs it is important for everyone to work accordingly. The issue is a national problem, and to prevent more casualties such as deaths of gang members and civilians due to the conflicts that arise among gangs and dispute with authorities it is necessary that the public and the authorities to be vigilant and become aware with the activities of the youth and the people around their community.

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