Red Rings - Assignment Example

“Red rings” is a gothic bedtime short story intended for avid gothic readers. It is intended for to be a prequel to ‘Lady of the house of love’. The title is in relation to semantics of werewolf transformation, but keeps readers guessing the different hints that suggest other things. Lexis is used for imagery and identity of characters. Archaic lexis is used to identify the lady’s language era and her resemblances to stimulus text Dracula’s time. “Have thou no fear for thy life. ” This shapes the identity of the lady and contrasts a unique difference from its original text.

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Antithesis is on occasion to relate to the reader’s emotion allowing better understanding and imagery. “Angelic demon” “moving statue” the context of situation also contrasts the character’s feelings further evoking sympathetic or fearful emotions that also gives character traits. Semantics of vampirism or context i. e. “Last breath sucked out of her” depicts vivid imagery. Throughout the story speech used by The Lady and Grandma was imperatives, “Go out and buy rations”. The use of imperatives in speech, suggested authority which implicitly adds the awareness of the theme as Red becomes a higher authority.

The use of tripling’s at the end of paragraphs, ‘Released Restored Rejoice’ emphasized on the point and emotion of the paragraph. Short and minor sentences, “Something sinister ahead. ” ” she saw it” These were used in the begging of paragraphs or ending, to create suspense and pace for the reader. I adopted this technique from the werewolf. Figurative language of simile’s and metaphors, “a rat crawled into a serpent’s nest” “her hair dropped like tears” The use of these techniques was inspired by the author of Lady of the house of love. It powerfully reinforced the emotion felt and the symbolic process.

The use of sublime was an importance inspired from the Lady of the house of love,” Cold; gloomy, the sky a pitch black, whitened by its circular orb” In response to the sublime it is also used as pathetic fallacy that reflects the character’s emotion after a major point. The pace and rhythm of the above quote was inspired by Angela carter’s use of asyndetic listing to create pace and suspense. Enjambments were inspired through the vivid graphology of ‘The werewolf’ that reinforced a point and emotion was use, to further create suspense the use of minor and short sentences. “She knew it was her grandmother’s”.

The trajectory of the plotline is misleading using show not tell to reveal information on a present tense omniscient narrator. The false tension in the introduction to the Lady depicted research into the original text’s character, she fed on pubescent girls like Red, however in my story she is benevolent and an indication of foreshadowing the change of Red’s life. I. e tarots and the poem, these made the resolution an ungues- sable plot twist. My investigation of Gothic literature inspired me to create text using all the techniques and styles I’ve learnt, creating infinite possibilities for the characters.