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Reading Techniques Essay

According to Iswara (2014, p. 20), the use of variety reading techniques have the same purpose, namely to understand the academic reading to the fullest. From many reading techniques, there are four reading techniques usually used by college students in reading academic texts, namely selecting reading, skipping, skimming and scanning.

Selecting Reading

Not all students want to read the entire text in the text reading. Why does it happen? It because students only want to get information that is considered essential based on what is needed. Therefore, as reveals by Harboe and Mullen (2007, p. 25), the purpose of this reading technique is to find out the clear information that will be used in a particular context.

Meanwhile, by using selecting reading technique is useful when college students looking for the academic reading they need. They will read the text focuses on issues according to their research topic and ignore information that is considered useless.


According to Slattery & Yates (2017, p. 2), skipping is used by the students only to capture or understand the important key ideas. Skipping technique demands high eyes speed during reading the text. Meanwhile, the way of using this technique is focuses on the eyes swing to read in the beginning, middle and end paragraphs. In this technique, students can pass through parts, facts and the explanatory sentence which is considered not too important. Related in this research, the result of reading the text is considered to be less accurate if only use skipping reading technique. College students can know the truth of information on the reading text through the facts and expert opinion.


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According to Grellet (as cited in Fisher, 2016, p. 4), skimming is the fast reading technique to obtain the general meaning of the text. This statement is supported by Mikulecky & Jeffries (as cited in Fisher, 2016, p. 4) skimming is a technique of reading the number of texts using high speed in order to saving time. The use of this technique is not appropriate read the whole book. From these two opinions of experts, it is clear that skimming is one of reading technique that will help the readers get through the material faster because it can be used to read efficiently. Skimming is useful for three different situation, such as pre-reading, reviewing and in reading process

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