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Raising Minimum Wage Essay

Attention everyone we the people of the United States are suffering when it comes to minimum wage jobs. Minimum wage jobs not family supportive, they’re not living supportive. The pay wage is too low and in order a person to have a roof over their head and clothes on their body and food to supply they’ll have to work two minimum wage jobs just meet the living requirement. My three strongest motives for minimum wage prices to go up are to be able to support a family, help workers get out of abuse, and economic recovery.

When some Americans aren’t able to go to school yet right after high school or if college wasn’t right for them, they sometimes immediately turn to minimum wage jobs for support. Minimum wage just doesn’t support the living cost for a single human and for a family. They’ll need a house, foods and clothing and maybe a car. If they have a job that pays only $6. 50 they’ll need a second job to help support them. In a family doubling jobs can be stressful, you lose time with your kids or other. If the government raised minimum wage it would help a family and give a single person a little more money.

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Women would also get paid more since their pay is lower than men. Raising minimum jobs would better the economy because it would the economy back on track and less wealthy people would be able to spend it on reasonable stuff. The economy recovers because people with less propensity to spend more resources. Definitely works shouldn’t be over worked and paid less that’s not fair. If a worker is over worked they should increase pay or give them overtime hours. What I would like to see is you explain how your diagram relates to your essay.

The diagram relates to essay in many ways, first minimum wage is raised can be enough to support a family of 3 or 4. Also if minimum wage is raised it can it helps out the economy and bring it up out if debt just a little because the money is being spent on reasonable and responsible items. The better quality you’ll be able to afford nice things and probably your income will be a little higher and Uncle Sam won’t have to eat you so much. How does it support what you were trying to get across? This Diagram helps what I’m trying to get across by demonstrating the purposes of raising inimum wage and how much more an individual can get just off a single raise.

It also shows how little to nothing you can get with the minimum wage paycheck now and what it’ll offer you just gas money and see you tomorrow and a over worked day. With minimum wage being raised the employers won’t be so anxious to go home or so aggravated with over worked hours and not enough in return. This graph shows if the works do work a little bit over there time at least the pay will do a justice and it’ll all be equal fair game.

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