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Rafting in Nepal Assignment

Are you still looking for the excitement and adventure of a lifetime? Maybe a visit to Nepal could fulfill your unfulfilled dreams. Imagine the crystal clear chilling River flowing straight down the snow filled Himalayas. Think of its rapid speed with swift current and crashing waves and imagine yourself in the middle of it in a rubber inflated boat or kayak cruising down. Isn’t it exhilarating? Forthrightly speaking, Nepal’s roaring Rivers which flow directly from the Himalayan glaciers are unmatched to any other River in the world.

Nepal is the abode to the Himalayas from whose magnificent heights, the rivers hurtle down through the foothills, fostered by monsoon rains and melting snow, on their way to the Great Plains of the Ganges. So your thrilling rafting experience in Nepal surely will be the one you would cherish throughout life. Rafting in Nepal is also unique because you find every kind of River that suits your level of rafting. The Rivers have been graded on the basis of difficulty for rafting purpose.

Beginners can head towards rivers which have flat waters with minimum current and mild waves. While for expert rafters and kayaks there are rivers with water flow which are powerful and channels constricted with steep drops and every possibility of raft overturning. Paddling in these rivers is almost impossible sometimes and can be very exhausting. One wouldn’t dare stepping into these rivers unless one has all the techniques and courage.

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There are numerous rivers like the Trishuli which are famous for commercial white water sports while some rivers like the warm and beautiful Seti River give you the beautiful view of the forested canyons. Some rivers like the Bhote Koshi will surely drench you in absolute muddle of canyons and rocks while some like the golden river Sun Koshi are completely full of white water and intense rapids and torrents. Besides the adventure you also get the bug free beaches for camping as a bonus.

All this makes a wealth of unlimited opportunities for great river rafting adventure in Nepal. Definitely, Nepal is an incredible nation where you get to enjoy numerous ethnicity and varieties of rafting adventure experience which give you an exceptional break to discover the isolated countryside which is by no means likely without river expeditions. These rafting trips will surely be the highlight of your trip.

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