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How are Racial Issues Such as Stereotyping, centrality and stocking reflected in the Olympics Assignment

The Olympic charter stated that “sport should be played without discrimination of any kind regardless of colour and creed of a person. ” In my essay I will discus issues on racism such as Stereotyping, centrality and stoking and see how racism is being portrayed in the Olympics and in other work places. I will also look at the raise and culture of people and see how they are affected in different ways. The summer games in Sydney 2002 were exiting, dramatic and inspirational and as I sat down to watch the one hundred metre final I began to think. In the ten seconds the fastest man at the Olympics will take the gold medal.

That man may be pre-Olympic favourite if you call people that, Americans Maurice Greene. It may be Trinidad’s Ato Boldon. It may even be Britain’s Dwain Chambers of great form lately. But there was one thing I was certain of it will be a black man who will win. I then realised I can’t remember the last white man of this decade even making the final, I began to think why? This is one of the under celebrated sagas of the human biodiversity in the last century. In athletics there has been an ability gap between white and black athletes in the Olympics.

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This is because of genetics. Black Afro-Carabians have a higher proportion of fast twitch fibres and more testosterone than whites. This produces blacks to run faster. Certain races therefore have been driven into sport through stoking and this has resultant in racism in other job areas. But increasingly, this antipathy to biology is wearing away. More and more biologists, anthropologists and athletes themselves are looking to nature not nurture for an explanation of black dominance, which is resulting in blacks having a psychological advantage as well a physical advantage.

In the games of 1936, Adolph Hitler (German leader of the time) set out to prove his athletes were a superior race, better than anyone else. He illegally paid and trained his army of sportsman to become the best. Germany won a record braking 89 medals, 33 of which gold. His success was almost complete until the track and field events, these events were ruled by the Americans, and to Hitler’s disgrace and disgust four gold medal winners were black. The most famous of these athletes, Jesse Owen who did the business and won four gold medals.

He set two world records and equalled the other two. Hitler refused to recognise the achievements of Owen and the other three Americans and by the time presentation came, he called them “black auxiliaries” and walked out of the stadium when the time came to give them their medals. This had huge side effects on racism in the Olympics and all black athletes had to be escorted to their separate Olympic centre. This is because of a policy of separation called “Apartheid” between the white and black population.

These issues mainly influenced by Hitler have had side effects even till today where stereotyping and centrality occurs frequently among society when the Olympics today. I personally feel all people no matter of race cultural background or colour should be allowed to compete without comments from narrow mined people like, “he’ll be quick, he’s black. ” Another racial issue in the games is that even in our mixed cultural society no black people are on the international committee. If coincidence or not if you look back into history how many African or even black of origin countries have hosted the Olympics.

This may be because they are less economically developed countries but is an example of stereotyping, that all host countries are white. If I look at sport as a whole there is a lot of myths about certain people being involved or shouldn’t not being involved in certain sports. There are many examples of this. * White men can’t jump. * Black people can’t swim * Good long distance runners are Ethiopians. Myths such as these have also been turned into films such as Cool Running. Racism exists in sport due to different things. This could be the social distinct that are shared traits in a certain culture.

It could be because of certain cultural heritage of a particular group and there backgrounds. The Olympics is a chance to claim fame and to win prestige awards, however sport reflects differently for different countries and discrimination and racism reflect on the countries poor intolerance and shows prejudice to certain raises of people and needs to be shut out of the Olympics and sport as a whole and campaigns such as “Kick it Out of the Game” can help do this. But we have still come a long way since the games of 1936 in Berlin.

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