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A question of life and death Essay

In class we watched two videos, both were about the suffering and pain people went through during he times of either ” Life or Death”. In the first video a women called Christine Draley-Jones was speaking about her experience. Christine signed a Life Will; a will that says that if anything happened to her that would but her in life or death state she would rather be not treated on, then having any medical help or using drugs for the rest of her life. This is called “Persistent Vegetative State”

But when this came this, through a routine operation, she was notified with Spinal Bifida – brain damage. At the moment I feel that even though she has this disease, I don’t know why she wouldn’t want to give it her best shot in fighting it, rather then giving up straight away. By now Christine was going through a terrible time as she was dieing and wanted to end it straight away, and she thought it was going to happen as she had signed a Life Will, but this didn’t happen. In her Will, it all together states that if there was anything to happen to this individual person, leaving them in a critical illness for the rest of there life, then they didn’t want to suffer like this and stop all together. Her Will was betrayed and she was kept alive, now spending the rest of her life in a wheel chair.

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When this happened to her, my feelings were disgusted, as she has made a pledge for her life to be not put into any pain, and then awaking form an operation and founding out to be confronted with a Terminal Illness, I heart sank for this lady. When Christine heard of this she asked her husband to help her die, a terrible thing to ask of someone but this is what she wanted. This is called Euthanasia, also known as “Mercy Killing”; in some counties it’s illegal like her in Great Britain, but in some countries like Holland and Switzerland its legal but only under doctor or medical supervision. But here in Great Britain, its illegal so doing this would make Christine’s husband go to jail for murder.

Christine was left on a life support machine and was still battling to make her wishes come true in dieing, as her Life Will was disregarded when it was most needed for her. When she took her case to the courts there was a high amount of interest for the media and general public, so when the final verdict came through from a mountain of trying, the courts ruled that if her husband was to try and help her in anyway he would be taken to prison. But Unfortunately Christine shortly died, through natural causes form the illness.

Also in the first video we watched, was a cancer patient and a man that had Multiple Sclerosis. Firstly the cancer patient refused to take any Kemo-Therapy, as he wanted to die and do so naturally, without any medical treatment. I can fully understand where he is coming from, through own personal experience of my dad having cancer, but refusing all help ay cause more problems then this man would have wanted. But this went up to the point of only having a few more weeks to live, when he changed his mind and decided to use the kimo. But why did he suddenly change his mind? I think he changed is mind because before had I don’t think he realised how much he would be losing e.g. like hi family, friends and leaving them all behind, but I think the biggest reason he suddenly changed would be that he was scared of dieing.

The other person in the video was a man with Multiple Sclerosis; this man was a different case all together as he actually wanted to die. Many people have different views in what they want to happen to there body, if and when they get a diseases such as this. But this man in the video knew what he wanted from the start. This is good, but also bad as in that you know what you already want to do when you get a illness like this, and there is nothing else you would want to do to try and control the disease. But there is a good in this too, the good inside of this is that you are already prepared for it all, maybe not for all the things that will come out of this, but this man is properly mentally prepared for it all.

In the second video, it was all about a reconstruction T.V documentary about a real life women, accused of murdering her son. The women is played by Jane Horricks, her performance was so true to life and it made you really get involved in the story. The story is about a women falling pregnant and giving birth in the normal way, but was told that he son was diagnosed with Spinal Bifida.

The normal prosidusres were carried out but there was really nothing that any of the medical staff could do for him, as he was too small to work on. So medicine was used to help him. But he then caught a chest infection which made everything worse, the women (mother) nearly gave up hope, but in the end fought or her son as much as she could, but he unfortunately died. But when she fell pregnant again, with her second son, but she was afraid that it was going to happen all over again, and was a far more doubtful then the last birth.

I can fully understand her doubtfulness that she has over her second child, not only because of it all happening again, but the loose of another child. But in the hope that it wouldn’t happen again, she had another baby, boy. Unfortunately the worsted happened and she gave birth to her son with Spinal Bifida. It’s been like having the same child all over again. At this stage I would be in distraught, but the women is strong and is determinded not to give up on this child even if the same happens to this child, which is found out to be a boy.

The family goes through the same experience as before, if this was happening to me I don’t know if I would be able to handle it as I’ve already had a child with the same illness and now history is repeating itself. The thought of having to go through the exact same processes for me would be yet terrifying, but different as I would do my dumbest to do what is right my child.

As the police put her through questions, she explains what had happened exactly, keeping no details out. Saying the medication he had, had had the dates they went to the hospital and everything. The sadness and tiredness was visible by her face. As the video continued, so did the ever-lasting story, how she had cared for her child and all about the hospital appointments.

But one part of the video that came out at me for being a real mother instinct, was when she was explaining about the medication that the doctors where giving him, and the making sure that he was regularly feed. Because he had just got onto breast-feeding and as she couldn’t be there all the time she let the hospital milk, but one night they didn’t give him any at his feeding time as they said that he was sleeping. The mother went mad; she knew that if he didn’t get feed he was more liable to get infection. She was outraged by this and that part really stuck out at me for being a mother instinct.

But when her child was getting worse and worse she couldn’t handle it any more and the screaming and staying awake all hours of the day. And she finally had it. She couldn’t stand seeing her child suffering like this so she made that he would end all the uncomforted he was suffering form and help him die, as he was already dieing for this disease but luckily he was able to last a little more of the drugs he was given then his brother. She decided to help her son in the best interest of her heart and nothing else. You may call it Euthanasia, but I would call it a mother helping her son.

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