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Quantum of Solace Assignment

Quantum of Solace opens with exciting, heart pounding and breathtaking action where the last movie (Casino Royale) left off. Bond chases down Mr. White in the Alpine Tunnels with the Aston Dodgems. As soon as he has caught him there is a problem he escapes which makes the movie more exciting by leaving the audience wondering whether he will get to the bottom of Vesper’s death, and find who took her from him in the previous movie this is simply payback, and to the fury of his superiors, this is getting personal.

He’s infuriating M (Judi Dench) with his insolence and defiance. This causes M to seize his license to kill and really changes the whole movie by doing this because now he can’t kill in the cold-blooded manner he normally does. Also when he kills his facial expressions are brilliant and he shows that he is a worthy Bond.

This path of destruction leads him to the discovery of a new world of crime the organization Quantum. This new world really brings out the best in Daniel Craig (James Bond) as this shows his true credentials and shows that Mr Forster made a great choice in picking him as Bond. He has made the part his own, every inch the ruthless agent. His blood hunger is so ghastly that the CIA agrees to kill him as he interferes in their dealings with the South American government.

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Working with M Bond manages to globetrot and find himself in South America. There he meets the new Bond girl Camille (Olga Kurlyenko) a mysterious, blazing figure, out to inflict vengeance on the corrupt Bolivian rulers who killed her family. Where in the movie produces fantastic acting and I think she has a bright future with the fantastic scenes she has done and shown what she can do with this wonderful performance in the latest bond. Their common connection is Dominic Greene (Mathieu Almaric) a businessman whose connections to the mysterious organization put him to the top of the suspect list.

His campaign is to save parts of rainforest as cover for his evil plan. The plan is to buy up swaths of South American desert and a portfolio of Latin American governments to control the water supply of an entire continent. Mathieu produces a great performance but the thing that confuses me is that why somewhat little was made of the villainous Greene he only shows his evil genius when he kills Fields, at the end he doesn’t even put up a fight against Bond rather runs away and gives him the chance to kill him.

The middle part of the movie is boring as this is the part where Bond and Camille meet up and decide to make their stand. This is made up for with the ending as they show great strength to kill the ones who have done them wrong. The end has great SFX and great action also. With the help of fellow agents Fields (Gemma Arterton) and Leiter (Jeffrey Wright) they make their stand against the ones who have done them wrong.

In the whole I would rate it 3 out of 5 stars because Quantum of Solace isn’t as good as Casino Royale: the shear cruelness of Le Chiffre brings me to believe that Casino Royale is much better and more entertaining. You should watch this because it connects the last movie to this movie and ties up a lot of loose ends that are left from previous movies. The music chosen by Marc Forster is brilliant also as he picks a master piece of music for the movie. By doing this at the beginning he changes the whole complex of the movie because it is both interesting and dramatic all in one. This also adds a new dimension to the movie because the music comes on as soon as you don’t want it

Cough or blink and you’ll miss how the bold spooks link the last film’s LeChiffre to the fake environmentalist Dominic Greene.

The best performance is probably done by Daniel Craig he powers this movie; he carries the film: it’s a difficult task for an actor. Craig shows that he is up to it and answers his critics well by showing that he is more than a “one movie hit wonder.”

I think that it is suitable for the audiences across the world because there isn’t many typical sex scenes rather just one which surprised me. The action is very brutal so the 12A certificate it has been given isn’t very suitable with the high action of bombs, guns and some rude words used in the middle so I think that the 12A certificate is very incorrect and I feel that the industry has made a big mistake by giving this a 12A certificate.

The movie was a great result in the UK and US box offices and this is reflected by the sales made in the first week of release where it made $1.7 million in the US and £2.7 million in the UK respectively.

Under the direction of Marc Forster, the movie shows the adrenalin in a series of thunderous events: car chases, plane wrecks, and motor boat collisions. If it’s got an engine, and runs on fuel, then it is perfect to have Bond at the wheel with the way he recklessly does what he wants.

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