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Professional Development Plan Essay

This professional development plan incorporates students, teachers, and parents, as they are the major elements, which constitute a school culture. The major focus on student assessment needs focuses on leadership, discipline, and good grades. The choice on these areas of improvement is associated to diverse areas of school processes. First, choosing good grades as an area of improvement in a school culture is associated to achievement. In order to achieve good grades, students are subjected to proper teaching programs. It is also established that teachers should be provided with assistants. This is because working with assistants encourages team spirit, and is not only a necessary but also a sufficient condition for the successful performance in the school. In connection to this, more teachers have the ability to cover a lot in the school curriculum as they put a diverse array of knowledge into practice.

Secondly, students discipline is an area of improvement, which is closely associated with morals and ethics. To achieve the desired level of students’ discipline, the students are put under keen control through mentorship, strict school rules, and enforcement of student-teacher relationship. Discipline enables students to behave appropriate as well as making them grow into adulthood with responsible personalities. Thirdly, coaching students to be future leaders is an objective within the school culture associated with leadership. To facilitate this area of improvement, students are encouraged to join leadership programs and trainings. These are proper mechanisms used to make students future leaders, and they are guiding principles to the efficient allocation and use of the limited resources, as this prepares students to be future managers.

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Fourthly, teachers collaboration is an ultimate objective associated with teamwork. This is encouraged in school culture as it enhances close cooperation thereby facilitating efficient policy formulations and decisions within the teaching fraternity (Sullivan, 2010). Finally, parent involvement to school activities is crucial objective associated with collegiality. This form of collaboration does not only boost school development in terms of infrastructure but also in terms of performance, as it enhances understanding between parents, teachers and students thereby creating effective working relationships.

The study figure adapted by from Joyce & Showers,1995 clearly explains the training programs implementation and the transfer of the teacher’s knowledge and skills to t he students to enhance their levels of achievement. The quality of the staff in a learning institution largely influences the relationship between the stakeholders as reflected in the performance of the school and inculcation of knowledge and skills to the students. A culture that supports an institution plays an important role in modeling the character of students by establishing a sense of identity and responsibility. The items presented by the figure clearly indicate how a professional development plan integrates the teacher’s knowledge promoting their level of preparedness and mastery of ideas for delivery (Gregory, 2008).

The parameters outlined include components on presentation of theory, modeling ,practice and low –risk feedback and coaching study teams with improved peer visits .Teachers should ensure that the y deliver quality information to students. The study showed high levels of teachers’ ability to communicate the items to students. The levels of awareness and concept understanding was above 85%.However, disparities are notable in skills attainment both in modeling and theory presentation registering a low 15% (Gregory, 2008).This clearly shows that various segments of skills attainment required major changes on teachers level of material delivery and inculcating skills to students to enhance a good culture in school.

Professional development Plan promoting Wisconsin Senior High School’s culture clearly demonstrates the interplay, the link, and roles played by all stakeholders including teachers and parents in enhancing students’ behavior and learning skills. Programs initiated involving the relationship between teachers and students would help improve students’ grades and empower their leadership skills for the future (Dahlberg & Philippot, 2008).Proper teaching programs and collaborative tasks involving the staff and board of directors would also promote the school culture.


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