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Problem statement Essay

Procurement: Suspension and Debarment Procedures

Procurement is an important aspect of every business and even government organizations because it involves the acquisition of materials, assets, services, products among many others. In the procurement process, especially with relation to government operations, there are various procedures followed which will include suspension procedure as well as the debarment procedure (U. S. Government Printing Office, 2011). Suspension procedure simply refers to the procedure that is followed when a procurement process is suspended due to some reasons that may warrant the suspension. Debarment on the other hand refers to the procedure of completely preventing a company or business organization from taking part in the procurement process due to some reasons such as criminal activities.

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The research on the issue of suspension and debarment procedure is important to various stakeholders who deal with procurement as well as the various business and government agencies which are greatly affected by the problem (Tucker, & Gibson, 2012). The current rules and regulations on procurement are very stringent hence limiting businesses from expanding. Furthermore, the procedures involved in suspension and debarment are very complicated and there is need for changes and improvement.

The main issue under procurement that needs a lot of consideration, study and implementations is the procedure that is involved in suspension and debarment during the procurement process. Therefore, the main concern areas of study in this research will involve the study of the suspension procedure, its implications and ways to improve on the procedure. Furthermore, this study will be concerned with the debarment procedure, the rules and regulations on the procedure, the effects this procedure has on businesses and the ways in which the procedure can be improved for the benefit of all.


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