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Private Net Bars Problem Essay

Can you imagine forty or more teenagers using computers in a small dark room which is full of the guns and cannons sounds from the computer games? This is a real picture of private net bars in China nowadays. In these private net bars, young people spend too much time playing computer games and chatting. At the same time, they learn violence and pornography from them. In my opinion, the government should close these private net bars to avoid these bad influences on both the youth and the society and also popularize public net bars although some people would have some objections.

Closing private net bars would be the most efficient way to keep the young away from bad influences caused by indulging in computer games. For example, many teenagers skip class to have enough time to play computer games in the private net bars. Only in those net bars, they can play computers no matter how long it is and nobody will restrain them. As a result, these young people waste their precious time and learn nothing useful. Moreover, staying in such a dark, crowed, noisy room does harm to young people’s health.

For example, the lack of oxygen in those small rooms causes people to have a headache. In addition, most young people get myopia. Some even get stomach illness because they don’t have regular meals when they play computer games for a long time. Therefore, closing these private net bars would be the best way to stop bad influences on young people, as well as the society. Closing private net bars is also an efficient way of prohibiting bad influences on our society.

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First, without these private net bars, in our society, there will be less young people who use their study time to play computers and they can concentrate on their studies rather than skipping class. Second, it could help reduce crimes committed by young people. According to Suzhou daily on Feb. 12. 2004, about 60% of crimes by young people have direct or indirect relation to private net bars. For example, some committed crimes just for fun because they imitated the violence in some computer games which are not suitable for young people at all, but were installed by private net bars to attract more customers.

For these two reasons, government should close these private net bars and then, we could have a more peaceful social environment and at the same time, we could have more expectations for our society in the future. Some people would be against closing private net bars for the reason that private net bars are cheaper and more convenient than public ones. While this is a problem with some people, the government could popularize public net bars by reducing the price and increasing the quantity because public net bars are fit for young people.

In public net bars, people could have a better environment. Moreover, parents don’t have to worry about their children any more because computer games and dangerous websites are limited in public net bars. Above all, when the government close private net bars, price and convenience problems can be solved by popularizing public net bars. In conclusion, the government should close private net bars and in some part popularize public net bars to stop bad influences on young people and the society.

Every one knows that computer has brought us huge amount of benefits. However, private net bars make profit from computer regardless of our young people and the society. Without these private net bars, young people could spend more time in study and grow up healthily. Moreover, people could have a more peaceful and hopeful social environment. After the government closes these private net bars, our society will become more wonderful.

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