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Premature Babies Assignment

There are many psychological aspects that come into play in the development of a premature brain. For one, when an infant is born prematurely, its brain is not fully developed yet. This causes the brain to have to attempt to normally develop outside the protective whom, which can cause problems in the life of a “premie”. When the brain is coming together in its early stages, it’s like connecting phones from one city to another. The 2nd stage is like trying to make the precise phone ring at the destined time. If a baby is born before this is completed, then obviously the entire process of “wiring” is not yet over.

Premature babies have problems later in life as well. They may not be able to pay attention as well as others, and they may also have problems with organization. Most “premies” are very normal seeming in the early stages of life. But within a few years the problems start to show themselves. Babies that are born prematurely may also be much more hyper-sensitive, and can be easily over stimulated. These symptoms also do not show themselves until later in life, usually around ages 3-6.

One of the absolute best things for a premature in infant is to be loved, and constantly help by the mother. The baby craves the feeling and warmth. This is what many doctors tell the parents of a premature baby. Once their finally sent home they’re just so much more fragile and needy then a regularly born child. But this isn’t to say they can’t be normal. There are many premature babies, especially with today’s improving technology, that cal live a 100 percent healthy and normal life.

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