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Prejudice Since 1933 Essay

Over the time period of 1933-present prejudice has changed in many ways but is still in our daily lives. During the years people realised things that they did not know before hand which really changed the ways that people think about any form of prejudice.

After the entire Civil rights movement that the United States went through many white people still dispised the Nigro culture, but at the same time many people accepted them. Over time the Caucasian people began to accept the Nigro’s more and more. Many families did not follow their tradition of hating and shunning the opposite culture, but to embrace and accept them, after a while they even started to mate between cultures, which used to be absolutely unheard of.

Other people still believe that the Nigro culture is incorrect but they still accept the culture. On the other hand some of the Nigro culture still harvest deep emotional feelings against the Caucasian race but still live and work which them every day of there lives. These types of people could join groups, or mass meetings such as the Klu Klutz Klan to voice their negative opinions about the other.

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All but this little group of people I just explained believe that prejudice is a horrible thing, although they still have prejudice inside them, but they release it in smaller amounts and in different directions rather than to white or blacks, but to less fortunate people such as the poor living in Africa and Australia. Even these forms of prejudice are being fought during the course of the more recent years.

In conclusion, the views of prejudice are changing but they are still here, and we have to learn to control them so that no one gets hurt. The prejudice is getting less and less, so we have to be more careful when we speak to people that are different than us so that we don’t say anything prejudice to them.

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