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Practical Production – Supporting Account Assignment

Our practical production was a film called ‘Sin’. We had around 4 weeks to make our film and to put together out project folder. We shot a trailer of the movie and the end scene. We wanted to shoot fight scenes along with making it sufficient for the movie. There were three people in our group. ‘Sin’ is a gangster and action genre related movie. The film would be shown in the cinemas, but since we had made a trailer, this would be seen before another film of the similar sort of genre. The film would be part of a rather wide audience, since it is two genres rather than one.

This is so that is attracts more people, hence having more appeal and making more money. Due to this, it would be distributed world and nation wide since it appeals to a large majority of people which include people from other countries whom enjoy watching gangster or action movies. Our product compares to professional products quite well since it has a good storyline and conventions with other films with the same context. These conventions are similar to the genre and other movies of the same genre and context. This is why I feel it is rather interesting, since it follows the guidelines which other films have led them to success.

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The primary audience for our film is young to middle aged males between 15-29 who, are interested in gangster and action films. Our secondary audience would be females who are interested in gangster and action movies, since this isn’t as much of a majority as the males. We researched our audience by doing a questionnaire and giving it to people to fill in who fitted within the age target. The results we got from our questionnaire were that the majority of girls did not like action movies and preferred more comedy films than anything else.

Most of the males that were questioned enjoyed either, gangster movies and action movies or both. The people we questioned all responded highly to being social and often going to the cinemas. Also, they were mainly all students studying at high school or who had a high level of education. Our research didn’t really change our views of what we assumed our audience would be. In fact, it showed us that our secondary audience was actually stronger than we thought. We were quite pleased about this since it meant that our film would be watched by more people than we expected.

We also found out that people who were not totally interested in the genres of our movie, would still watch it if it was publicised well. Our film trailer’s main purpose is to promote the film itself; to gain attention and publicise its release. The second purpose is to entertain the audience. This happens to be the second since promoting the movie is the main concept of having a trailer. We had to take our main purpose a lot into account whilst filming our trailer. We had to remember that it was to be short yet with enough information for the audience to know what the film was about.

Also, since we had a short time to promote our movie, we were to include the main parts and clips of vital scenes e. g. fight scenes. This way, we kept the trailer entertaining, whilst still holding a lot of the film back and giving away ‘sneak-peeks’. At first, we had decided to do just a trailer. While our production progressed, we decided it would also be good to film the last main event of the film, leading to the credits. This way we could include more detail and action as well as keeping the trailer. The content of the film I believe is quite good.

We managed to stick to the same conventions for a trailer by having a narrator and text combined with the actual footage, which was accompanied by suitable music. All of this attracts the audience and informs them well of the genre, basic plot and style of the film. Our folder we led up to the actual product holds a lot of content about information we collected to finish with an actual summary and other aspects of our movie. We also decided to create a poster to be promoting the movie at a much closer date, along with advertising the film whilst it was in cinemas.

This again would promote the movie by attracting people in other areas such as bus shelters, magazines, transport and billboards. The design of this poster is rather conventional using techniques similar to film posters of the same genres. The main edits which were used during our film were cuts. This is the easiest way to switch between scenes or show different characters and parts of the action. It also represents the story flowing, since there is now pause in between. We also used fade which I thought used in the right places, gave a tremendous effect of something ending or beginning.

The fade in sets the scene and tells the audience that a new day or time during the day is now being shown, distant from the previous event. Having the action fading in and out whilst showing the surrounding and setting the scene gives the whole scene a refreshing start which is completely separate from what happened before. Using the fade edit whilst in the end scene again gave the audience the impression of the end. For instance, each character was faded out when they were lying in their positions. The effect of this is to show the audience that their life has come to an end, and that their minds or souls are departing and leaving the body.

Having the fade end the movie again represents that it is the end of the movie, but also brings the screen into black, which is a vital colour representing darkness, danger and a serious tone. The camera angles used were each selected depending on the situation. If we wanted to show more than one character on the screen, along with the surrounding to show how everything is affected by the event, then the ideal shot for this would be a long shot. To show emotion and emphasise expression on a characters face, close ups were used to that they character was the centre of attention.

Each shot was used according to how the situation occurred and the overall mood of the event. The most common shot which was used was the medium shot, which was simply able to show the characters and their actions whilst not being too far or close up. This way the surrounding were also shown, yet the main attention stayed with the character. Many conventions were used within the film. These included gun and fist fights, money, alcohol, death and swearing. All of these were used because previous movies have been very successful with the same use of these conventions.

We wanted to use as many conventions as we could so that the audience could relate this to a gangster or action movie which they saw which was also very successful. I believe that sticking to these ideas it will also help our film gain success. The colours used within our film also represented the genre and elements of the film. There was a lot of red and black used, since this shows blood, danger and anger as well as darkness. All these elements are apart of the genre for the movie, again emphasis to the audience what the film is about. Music also helped to express each scene since it set the mood for each section and event.

Fast paced adrenaline pumping music was used for fight scenes, whilst using slow melodic music whilst showing death and emotion. The effect of this is that the audience instantly understands what is happening within each scene which helps emphasise the actions being taken with greater affect. We had many things which affected filming our movie and prevented us from making it better. This included a short timescale, since we had to rush filming. The weather also affected our filming since at certain times we would have to stop and assess the weather to see if it was suitable for us to film.

Another great factor was money. If we had a budget of some sort, it would have allowed us to get better props and costume, making the movie seem more realistic. We also had a lack of environments to film in and this too affected the production since we had to film a lot of the movie in areas which were not adequate and rather too small. This gave us very tight variety so we had to use what we could and try to get the best out of the situation. Overall, I think our production was fairly successful under the conditions we worked in.

This is because we managed to put a detailed folder together with a lot of research and planning. This was again backed up by a good product and poster. Our product it successful in its purpose, as it promotes our film well along with entertaining the audience. Other people who watched our film production and also participated in the making, found it very enjoyable . The film and were overall very pleased with the final outcome. All of the people who viewed our film fell into our target audience, so we got a rather accurate response from people who we were aiming at.

There are many ways in which we could improve our product. First of all, we could make it longer in length. I found it rather too short and so not enough detail and information was given across to the audience. We also encountered a great number of technical difficulties whilst trying to edit our footage. We did plan to edit it digitally using digital video editing suite and a pc. However, due to technical difficulties of us not being able to transfer the data, we were forced to edit our film using other means.

Overall, under the circumstances our final production came out very well. This problem could have simply been resolved if we had planned more ahead and prepared for it before, instead of doing it when it was needed. Also, I believe we did not use our time too efficiently. We spent a lot of time on the research and development folder and simply not enough time on our actual filming. If we had more time, along with using the time given more wisely, our production would be more professional for our audience to view. As a group, I think we did work particularly well.

Although saying this, we could have shared out the responsibilities and have tighter deadlines and restrictions more to make our product more professional. We all pretty much shared each role and nobody had a specific task to do separately. It was all shared out on the situation and information which was needed. I have learnt many skills during this practical production. The major skill which I have improved on is acting in different roles and personas. I have also improved my communication and understanding skills a lot, as well as developing my skills to work within a group and individually.

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