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Poetry Assignment

The poem I am about to tell you about is about a girl that he loves and everyone is jealous of his love for her so they take her away from him. It talks about, how no matter where someone is if you truly love them then nothing can separate you from them even if they die. The poem later proves this because the knights take her because it is getting cold out and they put her in a sepulcher to keep her warm. The seraphs of the heavens blow cold wind and chill her to the point that she freezes to death.

This makes him very sad but he still realizes that they can never take away his love for her. These poem’s have more similar things than they have differences. The second poem also talks about the love the poet has for someone. It describes a raven that comes trying to get his soul as the sadness sinks in for the lost one. One of the different things that the poems both have is there rhyme scheme. Although there is not many differences that the poems have this is one of them.

The rhyme scheme for the raven is abcbb, while the rhyme scheme for Annabel Lee is ababcd. This is just one of the ways that the poems are different. Both of the poems have a similar theme though. Both of the poems talk about how someone was taken from them. The raven describes how he mourns for the lost one and Annabel Lee talks about how nothing can ever truly take her away from him. The poem Annabel Lee is telling its readers that no matter what anyone tries to do they will never break his love for her.

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They can take her from him but he will always love her and be there for her. The tone in Annabel Lee is slightly different from the tone in the Raven. Although it is still closely related; the difference is that the Raven has a sad tone all the way through it and Annabel Lee has a sad but joyous tone in it at the same time. It has a sad tone that they took her from him, but the joyous is for being with Annabel Lee and being able to have her in his heart.

The Raven describes how his soul seems to be lost and a raven is constantly trying to come and get it. The raven is always knocking on the door and saying nevermore. These two poems that were written by the same author are closely related even though they were about different people. This particular poet, so far for all the poems I have ever read by him seem to be sad and about losing someone. These two poems only prove my point even further, he is a good poet. He is also an author of horror stories and novels. These poems are both very good.

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