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This is a play written by Bill Naughton and it is set in 1960 up in the north of Manchester Essay

It is about an old-fashioned family who lives in a housing estate near a factory, with an old fashioned man called “Rafe” he is the man in charge, head of the house hold and is also the main character in this play.

The play starts off with “Florence” (one of the daughters) walking home noticing that her mother “Daisy” is thinking about her accounts and that she knows that her total amount is wrong until Florence lends a hand a gives her the correct total.

Daisy’s neighbor and friend Betsy Jane comes round and talks to Daisy…but the thing Betsy Jane is after is money, she also finds out her friends talk about her in the fact that there jealous of her and Betsy Jane told her that she shouldn’t take it to heart what she told Daisy.

“Rafe” (the father and the main character) comes home from work in a very weird happy mood, the first thing he does when he walks is he turns the television and says that he would prefer to the silence, Hilda walks in and Rafe smells her and he can smell alcohol.

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Daisy tells everyone that dinner is ready; everyone sits round the table as Daisy gives everyone a plate with a herring, which “Hilda” (the other daughter) refused to eat. Everyone started to take sides and as usual Florence takes her dads side, “Harold” (one of there sons) then makes a bet on Hilda that he will eat it and she takes that bet.

The door is knocked and Hilda goes to see who it is and it was “Arthur” (Florence’s fianc�), Arthur is currently going out with Florence but until now because we find out that Arthur wants to marry Florence.

We also find one very important part of the story, that Hilda is pregnant, it is also the time for Betsy Jane to hand over the money that Daisy has lent her and what a surprise she hasn’t got it.

Arthur comes into the house with Rafe in a somewhat very jolly mood, he is in that good of a mood he tells Daisy that tea can wait and that they all gather around the piano and start to sing, while Wilfred sneaks into the kitchen and gives the cat the herring.

When Rafe finds out about this little act with the herring and the cat he goes around accusing everyone until he finds out that it was “Wilfred” (the other son) how gave it to the cat, Rafe is so angry with this stunt of his he gets the bible and makes Wilfred swear upon the bible that it wasn’t him he hesitates and faints.

Betsy Jane comes round again to say that yet again she has not got the money which Daisy really needs, Daisy also finds out that Hilda spent the night round Betsy Jane’s house, Hilda comes in and talks to her mom about how she cannot live with her father and she questions her mother how she puts up with him.

Daisy is then told by Hilda she would like to move away to start a new life, she agrees and told Hilda she will give her some money…so her and Betsy Jane go around the house looking for something to pawn they then stumble across Rafe’s safe and Betsy Jane picks the lock with a hair pin in order to get some money for Hilda, Daisy however even though she puts the safe back she pawns an overcoat of Rafe’s which has never bin worn.

Wilfred and Harold have then both decided to move out and get a place off there own after how much Rafe has pushed them, Rafe then finds out all of his kids have decided to leave, Florence getting married, Hilda moving away starting a family and Wilfred and Harold wanting a place of there own.

When they was all in the living room Rafe suddenly went all nice again and said things that made all four of his kids that made them suddenly changed their mind so they all decided to stay and it was like Rafe planned it out in his head using reverse psychology to make them stay.

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