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Physical Education Assignment

Our country does a lot to support our fellow Americans. Everyone wants to be healthy and feel good, so our government has given us ways to participate in our own fitness. Public Parks were created for kids to have a place to exert all their extra energy, while running and jumping around. Hiking trails of all levels have been forged so men, women, and families can join in on outside activity. And finally, organized sports for kids with nothing to do and nowhere to be, have something they love and are committed to.

People in America are offered so many benefits such as these that we can use to our advantage, not only for ourselves but for our friends and families. The importance of a healthy America is evident and depends on all of us to encourage one another. While a child runs up the stairs to slide back down a yellow contraption, there is another hanging on the red monkey bars, holding themselves up with their tiny arms, and tiny core. And in the field of grass beyond the swings a child and his sister playing catch using their legs to run after the white ball and using their thighs to squat and reach for the ball under the metallic bench.

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This is not only a place to build early hand-eye coordination but a place to discover how to use certain muscles and discover new fun exercises, I mean games. While children play here they don’t think of it as exercise, they start to associate these movements as fun. Growing into fit adults who still associate these actions as something they do to enjoy themselves. Rigorous rocky terrain surrounded by long uncivilized grass, and a babbling brook all to the left of a man on his workout through a nature trail.

He is distracted by this sight from the burning in his legs, and the cold air in his lungs and around him disguises the perspiration forming on his forehead. Although he is completely aware he receiving a workout, he doesn’t have time to notice, his four mile hike is up and it’s time for a healthy lunch inspired by the mindset he put himself in while on the trail. With men and women like him, we have healthier workforce, who miss less days and are inspired to do their job well. Performance in America increases, and economy goes up little by little.

Countless kids in yellow and pink jerseys run around kicking the same muddy and grass stained ball, with blurred faces and the sounds of laughter, someone shouts from center field, and parents clap for their daughter’s team. After a few more points, the smiling kids congregate for half time. Orange slices and water bottles are passed out by helpful moms, and dads. For an hour straight someone’s daughter runs up and down the green field watching a ball, and dashing to the open spots.

An organized game of soccer not only has these kids working out for this hour and feeling good for a few days but every other day for practice. They gain new friends and desire to work well with team mates. This inspires moms and dads to work with their child to improve their skills, running back and forth with them and kicking balls for their child to block. Many people don’t realize the benefits we are offered. There is always a way to take advantage of our surroundings, whether we are in a flat plain, which is perfect to play a game of baseball , or whether we are running up and down hilly trails.

A mysterious set of stairs can be ran up and sped down, and a play gym can become a timed obstacle course with the help of an inclined friend. Our country benefits from your health. Without it we would pour even more money into our medical facilities. Armies need Healthy men and women fighting for us, not the men and women who sat and played video games as kids, but the ones who went out and achieved success with fitness. These are some ways we can accomplish a healthy America.

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